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Építőipari szaktanárok, oktatók és szakképzési szakértők továbbképzése
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As an employer organization ÉVOSZ makes accessible its continuing vocational training courses abroad for the vocational teachers, practical trainers and vocational training experts working of the country’s various institutions rather than for its own employees. The most important objective of our proposed project is to promote the increase of the standard of our domestic vocational training. To this end, we are intending to provide an opportunity for the participants to learn new professional and pedagogic skills and to become acquainted with the well-established foreign examples promoting replacement of specialists of the sector. In the framework of five mobility programmes on various themes we plan to implement continuing vocational training of total eighty-fives participants. In Germany we plan to organize practical training courses on masonry, on formwork carpentry and on carpentry. We intend to present good examples of promoting replacement of construction skilled workers, the cooperation of sectoral social partners in encouraging vocational training both in Germany and in Belgium in the framework of one-week study tours. In July 2016 twenty participants in the formwork of carpentry training will receive an opportunity to obtain knowledge of the options for application and use of modular formwork systems by coordination of the Carpentry Competence Centre in Biberach. They will visit the modular formwork system producer PERI Company and will have practical training organized by PERI.In August 2016 in the framework of two-week workshop practices at Erfurt Practical Training Centre 25 masonry teachers and trainers will practice the construction of special wall structure elements which is trained in Hungary only in theory. In September 2016 ten vocational training experts will study the activities of the Vocational Training Committee of Germen Construction Federation (ZDB) as well as the cooperation of sectoral social partners in in vocational training in Germany and the initiatives of the partners to popularize construction professions and to promote replacement of skilled workers. They will also visit a Construction Training Centre where they will be informed about the curriculum and methodology of practical training in the frame of German dual training system. In November 2016 ten vocational training experts will study the cooperation of sectoral social partners in VET in Belgium. They will get acquainted with the Building Heroes interactive video program promoting replacement of specialists in the sector, with orientation of young school-leaving and problematic youngsters into the world of labour, and with the initiative promoting training of entrepreneurship in VET. In April 2017 twenty carpenter trainers and teachers will study the reconstruction of roofs according to the newest energy efficiency requirements at the workshop at the Carpentry Training Centre in Biberach. As a result of these motilities the participants’ vision will expand and become more shaded in the course of performing their practical activities in practical training centres, as well as during their visits to various educational institutions, companies manufacturing building materials and construction sites. All this will supplement their future education-instruction activities and their efforts to improve vocational training with new, creative education-methodology ideas. Participants in our masonry, formwork carpentry and carpentry projects will acquire new professional skills and pedagogic and educational methods for vocational training in the construction industry. By using their new skills acquired in the course of their work, they will assist in raising the standard of vocational training in the construction industry as well. As a result of their study tours in Germany and Belgium VET specialists might obtain knowledge of some well-established initiatives in the construction industry promoting replacement of specialists. Moreover, they will also be informed about the receiving country’s vocational training system for the construction industry, the organizational setup and the supervisory and financing system thereof. The course of implementation of our five mobility projects will be evaluated in each phase jointly by the representatives of ÉVOSZ and the host partners, who will provide also for the necessary changes in the program, if any. The outcome of the project will be presented, or made accessible, to the wide public by the sending and receiving parties, along with the participants in the individual mobility programmes, based on the pre-determined dissemination plan.
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