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Επιμόρφωση προσωπικού σε θέματα διοίκησης και σε καινοτόμες διδακτικές μεθοδολογίες
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The action plan of our school was annual. Five (5) educationmobility activities were implemented which supported the gradual approach of ourschool to European standards. Furthermore, they contributed to enhance the extroversion of our organization and the adoptionof new ideas and practices whichwe started to integrate into various functionalstructures of our school. The project has already had a positive impact on the professional and personal development of participants and itis expected to contribute actively to the upgrading of our school.The different actions whichwere chosen for each participating teacher, gave access to new information in areas that promote the educational process and the efficient operation of the school. For this reason, dissemination actions were implemented, targeting not only the rest of the school staff, but also the wider educational community. In particular, three teachers participated in the action entitled «Structured Study Visit to Schools / Institutes & Training Seminar» with the aim of knowledge acquisition from large educational organizations in Europe. During this action, each one of them attended a seminar in one of the following three countries, Spain, Iceland and Finland. The purpose was for teachers to learn new methods of dealing with operational difficulties in order to improve our organization’s functionalityand to adopt new ideas to apply in the classrooms that would update our teaching methods. Furthermore, one teacher participated in the action «Handling stress andavoiding burnout» gaining knowledge and personal experience on efficient management of stress anddifficult emotions. The dissemination results of this action gave the background knowledge and emotional support to the recipient teachers, both to be able to fulfill their difficult educational work and to support the needs of their students. Finally, one teacherparticipated in the action «Game-Based Learning AND Gamification»,dealing with the use of games in the educational process. The result was the knowledge and experience in order to assess, evaluate and adopt new teaching methods by using games, creating appropriate incentives and increase the interest of children for school. The participating teachers, after the completion of the project, formed a group in order to disseminate the obtained results, by organizing different events and actions aiming to inform and provide motives to as many people engaged in theeducation as possible. As far as the teachers of our organization that were trained is concerned, they became members of different working groups in order to implement the new ideas, knowledge and experiences forwarding the upgrading of our school. The selected activities became the trigger that led to the adoption of methods that reinforced the quality of the education provided by our school. What is more, through the activities of these specific educational programs, the participating teachers had the chance to contact other European teachers in order to exchange ideas and paradigms of efficient practices, to linkour school and students to other schools in Europe and to create further opportunities for mobility and future school partnerships in terms of new programs. This project accordingly to our expectations brought about multiple positive results not only to the participating teachers and to our school, but also to the rest of the staff with final recipients thestudents. Furthermore, through the dissemination, we managed to spread knowledge and experience to others schools in the wider region. There was achieved a satisfying spreading of experience and technical knowledge in administrative issues as well as in ways to solve specific problems in organization and administration . New methods of teaching were introduced,as well as effective practices to renew and update teaching procedures. There were a coordinated workshop and additional individual training of the teaching staff organized. Furthermore, groups were formedto support the process of the application of these new methods in the provided education. There was given motivation to all the target groups in matters of European orientation andnew European partnerships were promoted. Mass media and social networks were used,as well as specific events were organized with the purpose of the wide range dissemination of the impact of the project. The implementation of this project, the wide dissemination of its impact as well as the effective use of its results, activated a sequence of events which can improve drastically the education provided to our students. Also the inspiration shared by the participating teachers,provided a strong motive to our colleagues to integrate in their teaching new methods which promote creativity and innovation and at the same time broaden the European dimension of the education of our students.
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