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Επαγγελματική Ενίσχυση Δεξιοτήτων και Ικανοτήτων Καταρτιζομένων ΙΕΚ
Start date: 01 Jul 2014, End date: 30 Jun 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The general purpose of the proposed program is to give the opportunity to the trainees in all specialties of IEK NIKAIAS to implement and develop their professional skills and abilities of their specialty which have already been produced and the further extend through partnerships of this program so help them directly to vocational rehabilitation , especially in today's poor economic climate , giving them a unique opportunity and comparative advantage in job searches. Most analysts predict the movement of groups of 12 trainees per Specificity for two weeks in various countries ( equivalent to the flow of the program ) and their placement for Practical Work - Exercise in similar mothers in the Public or Private Sector Host Country . The trainees during training are of a sufficient level of knowledge and skills, but only within the boundaries of Laboratory IEK as opposed to actual workplaces . This gap is expected to cover the proposed mobility, while incorporating a European level of professionalism and culture. The main objectives of the proposal Mobility detailed in section D: Project Description. Generally piotefoume that the program will contribute greatly to strengthening the professional profile of the participating trainees, and upgrade the quality of training provided by the Vocational Training Institute (IEK) Nikaia, and the dissemination of its results, the attractiveness of Training as a career choice for young people. The planned proposal will involve four groups of 12 people per specialty trainees IEK , a total of 48 trainees. Specifically the groups would be equivalent to four streams of the Program. The choice of all participating trainees will become the criteria mentioned in the proposal. During the mobility trainees will have sufficient theoretical and practical training from the hitherto studies at the IEK , which will enable them to successfully meet the program's objectives and thus enabling them to meet with success in real working conditions. We still consider that the greatest and most immediate need is to become more flexible and adaptable to a constantly changing economic and employment landscape, either as employees in the public or private sector or as self-employed or a small business or sole proprietor, you will need to fill this the Program. The activities to be implemented during the program described in paragraph G: Major Activities of the proposal. These choices were made to maximize the positive effects in all professions of IEK Nikaias by implementing a more sophisticated design. The methodology used by the IEK Nikaias (Sending Οrganization) for implementing the plan provides actions a) Prior to the adoption of the Programme b) Upon approval of the Program. Further envisaged during the implementation of the Programme of each specialization, interim and final evaluation. In the implementation of the program will be directly involved a) the Director of Vocational Training Institute (IEK) Nikaia b) one or two (in case of failure of the Director) of each selected Trainers Sector-specialties. The expected results are reported to the participants (target groups) referred to in paragraph H.1. The expected impact on the participating organizations will be: -Increasing the existing experience to enhance skills training at European level. -Multiplier benefits from the cooperation of all organizations, especially for IEK Nikaias (Sending Οrganization). We will seek to be a positive effect of the action of the Program as follows: At the local level: a) Effect of the other trainees Vocational Training Institute (VET) Nikaia for the benefits of participation in EU programs b) expected growth performance during training c) Presentation of the whole action to all learners through IEK Nice meeting or workshop addressed and Vocational trainees rest of the community. At the regional level: Effect Vocational trainees through presentation of the Program on appropriate pages of the Attica Region and the Oversight Bodies IEK. At European level: Effect young population for the benefits of mobility trainees. The possible long-term benefits of the program are expected to increase the experience of cooperation with European partners and strengthen profil and skills of individuals in all stakeholders with apotero aimed at the professional performance of the participants.
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