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Environmentally friendly
Start date: 01 Dec 2012,

Project "Environmentally friendly" is an environmental project coping with poverty and social exclusion organized in cooperation of 5 organizations- Evergreen Center for Sustainable Development from China, International Youth Cooperation Development Centre (CYDECO) from Vietnam, GoEurope! From Germany, Nexes Interculturale de joves per Europa from Spain and Centre for Creative expression from Lithuania. The project aims to increase capacity of project promoters in the field of youth work and international learning mobility related to environmental awareness of young people in 5 countries from Europe and Asia. Promoters intend to increase capacities through strengthening cooperation of organisations from EU (Lithuania, Germany and Spain) and Asia (China and Vietnam) and implementation of long-term training programme in 2012-2013. The activities of the project will start from December of 2012 and will last for 12 months. The essentialactivities1. Preparation meetings with national groups, preparation work in the field of learning mobilities, nationalpolicies and environmental issues and getting to know needs of the local community.2.10 days Introductory seminar with youth workers (10 days) in Lithuania on the quality of internationallearning mobilities, (spring 2013)3. Preparation work with youth groups and local communities before Action Training4.10 days Action training in Vietnam on preparation and implementation of group learning mobility andenvironmental campaigns (summer, 2013).5. Local dissemination activities in communities of every partner concerning the learning mobilities and environmental awareness.6. Evaluation meeting in GermanyThe aim of the project will be reached through high quality partnership development, long-term competence development based on essential principles of non-formal education and experiential learning as well as high level of youth involvement and dissemination activities in communities of each promoter.The project is oriented to the increase of international learning mobilities addressing environmental issues across continents. The project addresses mainly the first of General Youth in Action priorities -participation of young people as we aim at strengthening capacities of organisations to implemented learning mobilities which would aim to involve young people in implementing grass-root level awareness campaigns and other actions. The project also tackles mainly the fourth Annual priority: Global environmental challenges and actions aiming to raise mobilisation and awareness of young people in this field.The partnership in this project is the follow up of former project funded by programme "Youth" in 2006 as well as one of the flagship events for EU-China youth cooperation, which took part in Shenzhen in 2011.The specific outputs of the project are: increased capacity of directly involved target groups (youth leader, youth workers, young peer leaders) to implement learning mobilities in the future; "Environmentally friendly" projects' blog with educational movies; strengthen partnership among organisations having long experience in non-formal education and youth work; greater environmental awareness in the communities where the project will take place.
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