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Environmental Rational Management of spillings in Macaronesia Ports (GARP)

The object of the project is the application in the ports of the region of a system of Rational Environmental Management, with the objectives to diminish the environmental impact and risks for the environment, or the human beings, resulting from all the harbor activities, and to cleanly take advantage of the energy sources availables to lower the price of the operación. As a result, we intend to present cogoverning measures that eliminate or mitigate environmental affections or situations of insecurity, obtaining cleaner and safe ports, condition that as a synthesis will have to emanate from: The identification of the risk sources (potentially dangerous merchandise, activities, accidents and/or incidents for the environment; The establishment and beginning of an integral plan of prevention of risks that coordinates the performances and the tending procedures of verification to diminish the risk sources; Establishment of protocols that facilitate, in case of accident, the decision making of such form that diminishes the environmental consequences, economic and of security.
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  • 76.6%   900 000,00
  • 2000 - 2006 Madeira/Acores/Canary Islands
  • Project on KEEP Platform

2 Partners Participants