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Environmental project about sustainable farming and healthy cooking based on ecologic products
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The name of the project is: Environmental project about sustainable farming and healthy cooking based on ecologic products. Our project takes place in a time where people are not socially aware of the dramatic situation of our environment . We can see every day how pollution, sewage, toxic waste, and rubbish are dumped by companies. Pollution has reached unacceptable limits. It is clear that most of the people do not respect Nature. Furthermore, this situation is harmful for the human well-being. Pollution is in the soil, the water and the air. It affects the food we eat and the air we breathe. Pesticides contaminate vegetables and fruit. Toxic waste and radioactive waste contaminate fish. The atmosphere is contaminated by poison gas and we breathe it. The conclusion is that this situation is damaging our planet and our health. This is quite dramatic and apparently the measures taken to improve the damage caused by humans in Nature are not enough yet. Whith this in mind, our targets are: To work on the most appropriate way to awainformre our students about the dramatic situation of our environment and to teach them some rules in order to avoid the disaster that will come if people do not respect Nature. To encourage our students to consume healthy and ecologic products. To educate people as much as possible on taking care of the environment. To let our pupils learn to respect the environment and nature. To teach the students how to use some audiovisual techniques. Through Audiovisual technologies, we will spread this knowledge as far as we can. The students will have the opportunity to improve their English, which will be the working language of the Project. To promote the environmental awareness and protection among students, enhance their ability to act responsibly for a sustainable future, to take care of their health and realize that they can also have an impact on other people by using Audiovisual Technologies. Four countries are involved in the Project: Turkey, Croatia, France and Spain. The multicultural aspect of the project is enriching because every country can learn from the others. Indeed, every country uses other methods to deal with the environmental issues. - Learn from hands on experience with different educational systems, culture and values of other countries. - Awareness of cultural differences and respect for these differences. - Enable students to experience life in other European countries and apply the language in which the project is developed in their respective schools. - Learn how it is possible to develop sustainable farming - Teach our students to give publicity to their ideas in a correct form in order to save the environment. - To raise public interest about healthy cooking based on ecologic products. - Spread awareness of environmental problems and challenges. - Make teachers and all educational community of the participating secondary schools benefit from information exchange about learning and teaching of different subjects. - To familiarize the students with targets and forms of environmental protection - To learn that healthy food is very important - Investigate the ways to improve the environment in polluted areas. - Show the cultural legacy, customs and traditions related to healthy cooking in other countries. - Show the environmental situation in the past, present and future. - Show the cultural legacy, customs and traditions related to ecologic farming in other countries. - How we can contribute in our social environment to improve environmental conditions Activities: They are closely related to the products: Trips to interesting environmental places, visit to organic farms, fish farms, restaurants that use environmentally-friendly products, places where politicians get together in order to interview them Results: A wiki or web page which includes all the activities done/to be done by all participating countries. A logo for the project Production and exhibition of: Various Power points Various Video recipes made in each hosting country Various interviews made in each hosting country Various advertisements promoting organic products. Exhibition of pictures taken during the meetings. Minutes (report of each meeting) The Impact is going to be at school,at educative community, at local community and on the web because all of our products are going to be seen on the internet The benefits will last forever in our students (education respecting Nature) and the rest of the world because we guarantee public access to our work.
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