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ENvironmental, HYdrologic and Ground MAnagement: innovative solutions for the CADSES areas (ENHYGMA)
Start date: Jan 31, 2006, End date: Feb 27, 2008 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The partners participating in the ENHYGMA project currently lack the data, technology and know-how necessary for analysing geomorphological vulnerabilities affecting their regions. The project's main rationale is to compensate for the structural lack of comprehensive territorial data and integrated water management methodologies in CADSES countries, particularly those affected by floods. The project aims at promoting transnational exchange of experiences, technologies and know-how on integrated water management. It focuses on land surveys, laser scanning and remote sensing for 3D modelling in relation to hydrological risk assessment methodologies development. The main objective is the definition of a versatile, effective and low-cost problem-solving methodology for integrated water management in flood risk areas; this will be achieved through the collaboration of various institutions of the CADSES region. The methodology will serve as a basis for the development of a pilot project and its application in the Tisza-Marosszogi Association area (Hungary), with the purpose of creating a Digital Terrain Model (DTM), as well as Flood Risk Area Maps through bi-dimensional hydraulic modelling. By making available such strategic tools, the project will provide a crucial contribution to the optimisation of environmental planning. Expected Results: The expected outcomes of the project are: - Improvement of the hydrological safety by monitoring of watershed areas, flood risk prevention, rational urban planning and infrastructure development considering flood risks, - Optimisation of land use by mapping of soil types and best-use regime and detailed territorial enhancement and management planning, - Improvement of environmental conservation by detecting and rehabilitating “safe zones” (e.g. flood lamination areas, wet zones), - Overall economic and social growth: increased productivity of agricultural lands and establishment of new small- and medium-sized companies, - Creation of a transnational knowledge database, - Territorial data collection and data processing, - Development of DTM and GIS tools and flood hazard maps, - Definition of common protocols for water resource management and environmental planning for the whole region, - Evaluation of priority needs for infrastructure development such as draining and irrigation systems.

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