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Entwicklung und Erweiterung der Projektmanagementkompetenzen auf dem Weg zur Entwicklung einer europäischen Schule auch und insbesondere im berufsbildenden Bereich.
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

background of the project:Experiences made at our school in former years showed that, for example archieving an "Europapass" leads to a certain appreciation in companies and the job market in general. Because it is associated with personel development on young professionals.Especially sympathy and understanding for different cultures and working routines was a major impact for more innovation and motivation at work at for our regional trade and repair businesses. Europes job market could be even more activated and intensified if the different occupation schools and companies within Europe cooperate with each other. This would automatically lead to more openess within the market and new job opportunities. Our teaching staff persues on training contents which are based on europes leading market interests. Trainees of the MobiPro-EU-Program, which is a part of our school, activated intercultural lerning processes. By getting to know each other students and trainees of different cultures overcome their international differences easily. This is why our school wants to support international education. The use of international education and professional development is what makes students and teaching staff successful. A personal network of international project partners is part of our values and a goal to archieve. To make integration for immigrated peers possible and easier intercultural experiences are highly necessary.goals of the project:The main goal is to develop and increase an intercultural network based on skills and relationships necessary for an international job market. As well as to give our teaching staff the opportunity to gain international project management skills and new job experiences.profile of the participants:2-5 of the participating teachers support the project and are highly motivated and interested. These teachers guarantee transparency to students and trainees. They are happy to develop further job qualities in a foreign country. They will communicate their experiences and new teaching skills/methods by the use of student-to-teacher talks or projects.description of the actions:All offered activities refering to intercultural project management will be used and relayed to our teaching staff.Student exchanges will be used and also will be taken as possible integration opportunities for students with a migration background.enforcement, possible results and impacts, potential long term useThe involved teachers will act as multiplicators. This means they will keep in contact with project paticipants and they will try to recruit other teachers or students by making the program even more attractive.To archieve a higher success and efficiency we will integrate all involved parties into the project, so that the students and trainees get the best possible education. Global understanding especially in Europe will be improved though student projects.Offered workshops and tutorials will motivate current and new candidates to be a part of the project.Sociologists and our own experiences showed das international networks develop and strengthen social capabilities on european terretory. On the one hand language barriers will be cut as well as cultural misunderstandings. On the other hand tolerance and cultural acceptance will increase. In an educational context is this possibble with the help and support of institutions. That is the reason why we want to use this chance to push our project to the next level.
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