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Start date: Aug 9, 2016, End date: Feb 8, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The contractor, hereinafter under the term leader is a committed player in our society. This commitment is not only economic but also social. However, the contractor's commitment is not well recognized "officially". In addition, to develop entrepreneurship among the younger generations, we must first democratize entrepreneurship. We need to support our activities.Because many young women and men are unable to find formal employment opportunities, it is increasingly important to encourage entrepreneurship to mobilize the enthusiasm, energy and ambition contribute to economic development. Most young people in the world live in countries where formal jobs are scarce in developing and may even be difficult to find informal jobs.Behind the small and medium enterprises is the spirit and imagination of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship increases economic growth, modernization and economic acceleration and can play a crucial role in promoting sustainable development and the creation of decent jobs. However, the adoption of policies favorable to small business development works only if women and men are prepared and equipped to meet the challenge of entrepreneurship. business training is essential to educate young people for the world of business, so that those who wish may overcome the difficult but rewarding steps and turn your dreams into reality.Some of the basic skills and the tools to be a successful trader, such as self-confidence, presentation, networking, motivation and training, should be at the earliest possible point the qualities of the system formal education.This project aims to increase employment opportunities and self-employment of young people and young women. It also aims to increase the participation of young leaders in public institutions and civil society, and promote the improvement of the situation of young people.The project has two main components: the employability of youth and youth leadership. The first component aims to prepare young people to enter the labor market through better services and a focus on vocational training. At the same time, helps prepare for the labor market with the arrival of young people through reforms that increase employment opportunities and self-employment for young people, such as incentives to develop businesses focused on youth. The second component aims to prepare young people for participation in the community by supporting youth organizations, support services for youth, and incentives for young potential leaders, or recognition of it. Also, prepare state institutions for youth participation and help these institutions to better integrate the perspectives of young people in policy development and the creation of programs and services aimed at them.The overall objective is to create an entrepreneurial culture among young people by encouraging qualities such as leadership, innovation, creativity and ability to take risks. The project aims to raise the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship and self-employment, and give them a better understanding of the role they can play in shaping their own future and that of their country.The objectives of this training can be summarized as follows:- Develop positive attitudes to support the creation of sustainable enterprises, self-employment and social entrepreneurship.- Educating young people to adopt the principle of entrepreneurship and self-employment as a career option.- Provide expertise to start and run an innovative company.- Preparing young people to improve their knowledge of the business concept.Finding a good business idea? How to become an entrepreneur? What are the steps to become an entrepreneur? What is an entrepreneur? How to run a business? What is entrepreneurship? How to start a business?This project will take place in Angoulême from 3 to 12 October 2016 with the participation of 08 partner organizations.
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