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Entrepreneurship in Vocational Education

The project stresses the lack of methods for fostering and supporting youth creativity, entrepreneurship in VET system’s institutions, lack of synergy of formal and non-formal education methods, scarce cooperation among VET institutions and NGOs in seeking the same goals. EVE’s activities seek to contribute to the solution or relief the problems concerning the readiness of formal education system to develop personality able to be initiative, assess and try our different possibilities, contemplate critically. Mostly, the innovative coaching tools used for achieving mentioned goals are used in non-formal education, in NGOs and there is no worked out methodology how these methods could be adapted for VET system and practice. The co-operation among institutions of VET and NGOs purposely working with issues of fostering youth entrepreneurship and creativity is still of fairly low volume. The EVE seeks to contribute to the encouragement of this co-operation which is emphasized in different EU documents such as Council Conclusions, 22/05/2008 or Bordeaux Communique, 26/11/2008.The aims of the EVE project are: 1. To propose innovative product - adapt and transfer the best elements of innovative coaching methodologies aimed at fostering youth creativity and entrepreneurship into vocational education system. 2. To propose innovative solution – platform for innovative methodologies for ensuring proper dissemination and exploitation of innovative methods, and raising cooperation between NGO’s and VET system.The main objectives: 1. To adapt and transfer the best elements of methodologies of non-governmental organisations dealing with youth creativity and entrepreneurship issues into VET system and practice; 2. To increase volume of cooperation between NGO’s and VET system and practice, to assure proper transfer of innovative coaching methods into VET system and practice by creating a Platform of innovative methodologies.3 organizations from 3 EU countries form the consortium of EVE project: NDI - Lithuania, OIC Poland Foundation - Poland, CRASIC - France. Also there is planned that 3 silent partners – 1 from each participating country – will be involved in the EVE for assistance in trying-out and transferring the developed innovative methodology in VET system and practice.Project target groups: institutions from VET system and practice – direct long-term beneficiaries; trainers from VET system and practice - direct long-term beneficiaries; and young people – indirect long-term beneficiaries.Main outcomes: developed innovative methodology for fostering youth creativity and entrepreneurship and adapted for the VET system; established Network as a platform for co-operation of VET system, NGOs and social partners.The co-operation of NGOs and institutions of VET system and practice, the usage of formal and non-formal methods in traditional education system will influence positively the youth involvement in labour market, the drop of youth unemployment rate.
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