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One of the main strategies for fostering the entrepreneurial mindset has been developed promoting training activities focused in entrepreneurship. Several education and training institution implemented a lot of training programs intended to facilitate the self-employed of their graduates. But the results are not optimist.Since 2004, there has been no change in the percentage of Europeans wishing to become self-employed. Forty-five percent still prefer to be self-employed, while 50% opt for employment. (Entrepreneurship survey, 2008). The final report of group experts “ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN HIGHER EDUCATION” outlined that training for entrepreneurs was theoretical training promoted by higher educational institutions and addressed to the business students (80%), without practical contents. At this point, during the last year the EC has developed a series of recommendations intended to:- Promote an entrepreneurial culture and creating better working environments for entrepreneurs (New steps in Lisbon strategy)- Help develop an accreditation system to validate non-formal learning and practical activities that favour entrepreneurship development; and to involve Business associations that could help to get their members more involved in teaching entrepreneurship (Fostering entrepreneurial mindsets through education and learning)- Encourage the creation of learning communities with the mission of fostering entrepreneurial mindsets (Oslo Agenda)- Education and training need to be adapted and linked more closely to the world of work (New skills for New Job - 2009)Thus, the project aims are the following:‐ To define the role of the serious games and the social networks in the training process for fostering the entrepreneurs skills;‐ To establish a set of guidelines intended to adapt the board games to requirements of social networking.‐ To adapt and update the previous and generate learning objects promoting the actively involvement of the entrepreneurs.As a result, the learning contents available in the online learning community are really useful for the target group. The main project outcomes include a learning community that promotes entrepreneurial competences and skills, improving the entrepreneurial mindset, and building links and opening education to the outside world.
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