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Entrepreneurship for Inclusion
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Dec 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

- "We Europeans should know and should never forget why giving refuge and complying with the fundamental right to asylum is so important. I have said in the past that we are too seldom proud of our European heritage and our European project. Yet, in spite of our fragility, our self-perceived weaknesses, today it is Europe that is sought as a place of refuge and exile. It is Europe today that represents a beacon of hope, a haven of stability in the eyes of women and men in the Middle East and in Africa. That is something to be proud of and not something to fear." - (in "State of the Union 2015: Time for Honesty, Unity and Solidarity", Strasbourg, 9 September 2015, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission)It is because we believe in this Union, we believe that it stands in fact as a beacon of hope for the world to see and we are proud of it that we would like to make our contribution to its legacy. This Youth Exchange aims at turning the two main challenges that Europe currently faces - slow ecocomic growth and massive migration, into opportunities for a stronger society. We would like to re-shape the tools and skills traditionally associated to entrepreneuship and aim them at fighting social exclusion. Using entrepreneurship as a tool for inclusion will impact the personal growth of the participants, changing their mindsetts into a positive and pro-active one. By framing the issue of entrepreneurship within inclusion we will fight prejudice and, at the same time give participants the tools to have a positive impact in economic growth. A more prosperous society is better equipped to be a more inclusive one.Realizing the current situation in Europe and the needs of young people, the Consortium have come up with the idea of designing the project with the following AIM:- to promote Entrepreneurship as a method of fighting both unemployment and social exclusion among the youth by providing the learning opportunity for young people who have creative and innovative ideas and fears to realize them due to the lack of practical skills, especially entrepreneurial thinking and have miss conceptions about different cultures and fears to engage them. AND OBJECTIVES:- to provide knowledge and applicable skills in entrepreneurship, aimed at fighthing social exclusion, with a special focus on entrepreneurial thinking in general,- to engage youngsters in contacting with different cultures in a pro-active and entrepreneurial way,- to raise self-esteem of youngsters who have many great ideas but fear to realize them due to lack of skills and experience,- to exchange experiences and share good practices,- to network and find potential future partners, coworkers and friends,- to promote the multiculturality in the enterprise and society in general.Youngsters involved in this project are active members of partner organisations. It is them who stressed the need of such project as they face similar difficulties, obstacles and issues even though they do not have the same economic, geographic nor cultural background. They meet meet the following basic criteria: 18 - 25 years old, able to communicate in English, face the lack of entrepreneurial skills and experience and are currently unemployed but have many good ideas with a potential to further development and realization in the future.Project will have the following results:- Participants will be equipped with the practical skills to develop their ideas for new projects, either business ventures or civic initiatives, and put them into action (we expect minimum 2 new born business or organisations and at least 6 new projects applied out of which 3 are granted in 2016),- Network among the participating organisations and their members which will grow during the 2016 and raise the number of organisations with each new project implemented,- Participants become the multipliers and promoters of the tolerance, breaking prejudices and intercultural dialogue which is going to reflect in the minimizing the fear against the refugees standing at the borders of EU today.The consortium believes that all the regions represented by the partner the organisations are full of opportunities for growth, both in human and economic terms. This kind of projects can make societies become more positive, through goal oriented participants, capable of turning challenges into opportunities. Projects like this one have great impact on the development of tourism, participants act as multipliers at home as well as locals find out there are certain things and activities guests are looking for (whether this be accommodation, rent-a-bike, a wine tasting, a souvenir shop or tourist agent). This is a long term process but our project contributes to the mosaic by giving the chance to young people to meet in an intercultural setting and develop plenty of great, innovative and even revolutionary ideas which will one day change the world we live in.
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