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Start date: Jul 4, 2015, End date: Feb 3, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Turkey Mersin, according to a survey by the Bureau of Statistics of Turkey in terms of industrialization are among the first 12. However, despite this our department or our friends with us who graduated from the same university in finding a job for the distress and be knowledgeable enough about being an entrepreneur to see what has been the main reason for us to write this project. Celebrated every year in our country and around the world by drawing attention to the Global Entrepreneurship Week, to increase entrepreneurship in society and work to bring awareness about social entrepreneurship projects still one of our main reasons for writing. Looking to find a job after college to Eurostat data, the average is 2 years. This period of 4 years finds in countries in crisis. The number of entrepreneurs in these countries fell to Go Go and the emergence of the entrepreneurial spirit is lost without. So how is it possible exit from the crisis without entrepreneurs? Here's to beat this problem, we have included in our event calendar events. Youth entrepreneurship is intertwined with the definition, see different examples related to entrepreneurship, the European Union and the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship in their own country again, our project is targeted topics like. Our primary criterion in the selection of partners unemployment rate and the number of entrepreneurs have been in the country. In this context, a low rate of unemployment and entrepreneurial partners from Portugal and Greece were included. The lowest average unemployment rate with Germany, in 2020, unemployment has averaged close to their goals of entrepreneurship with Slovenia and Latvia to capture a pretty good acceleration organizations involved in the project were from Romania. Our participants will be in the 19-26 age range. Leader of the age limit shall be required. 6 participants from each country will participate in our project participants will be given to women about sex. Most of the events will be held and managed by young people, non-formal learning methods are often applied. The project discussion method, and presentation techniques, a free method of the invention, self-discovery, effective communication, critique, from particular to general thinking, general to the specific thinking, group work, individual work, body, using experiential learning methods such as are based. Participating in the activities will take place throughout the project as a priority in their own language and self-expression as well as proficiency in a foreign language will increase. Participants understand what it means to youth entrepreneurship and to cope better with the problem of unemployment, the knowledge base will be obtained. Project before or after the gained new knowledge and its activities in line with our participants in the community taking an active role, the European Union structure and functioning better understand the social sense in the community a better place acquired individuals will become. In particular, the development of the entrepreneurial spirit of their more powerful individuals in the community will contribute to take place.
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