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Entrepreneurial competences of teachers

Development of entrepreneurial thinking is one of the main strategic priorities of the EU.Students and adults should consider the possibility of doing business for real, but thistarget may be reached only when this possibility can be offered to them during theireducation, so they will get familiar with ideas of enterprise and self employment. Afrequent problem is the fact that educators themselves do not have real experience withentrepreneurship.Acquisition of entrepreneurial competences (social competences, communication,marketing, etc) and exchange of experience can change the attitude of teachers andtrainers and improve the quality of education as a whole and result in increasingnumbers of people being motivated to become an entrepreneur.The project is also aimed at:• strengthening adults' self-confidence and promoting their personal fulfilment bydeveloping their cultural awareness and capacity for creative expression• sharing knowledge and disseminating good practice on adult learning opportunities inEurope• strengthening cooperation between adult educators, NGOs, social partners anddecision-makers at local, regional, national and European levels.METHODS / APPROACHES:The key products will meet the needs of this group (adult education staff) and willconsist of practical examples, exercises, concrete stories, tasks, games – and additionalbrief, clear explanations put into a business context.The content will be based on the results of previous research done in partner countriesand will include the best practices identified by the partners within the EU countries.Cooperation with relevant bodies (entrepreneurs, start-up centres, specialisedinstitutions, chambers of commerce, industry, etc) will play an important role during thedevelopment of the manual and workbook to ensure the quality, usability and relevanceof the tools and content to the business reality.LANGUAGE / MEDIA:All the key products will be produced in 4 European languages. The manual andworkbook will be available in printed and electronic versions.IMPACT:The impact of the project will be improved competences of teachers working withstudents in entrepreneurship and an output will be the offer of special tools for teachersin Europe. The impact will be long-term and will involve changing the attitude ofeducators in relation to business start-ups and entrepreneurship; improving the qualityof provider education and to contributing to increased motivation of learners to set uptheir own business.
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