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EnTraCT – Enhancing Transversal Competences Toolbox for Cultural Managers
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project „EnTraCT – Enhancing Transversal Competences Toolbox for Cultural Managers” is targeted at the development of skills and transversal competences of people involved in the cultural organizations, dealing with cultural non-formal and informal education (with a special stress on music education) and organization of different cultural events (festivals, choral competitions, workshops, concerts, etc.). Cultural events influences urban development and the cultural sector plays nowadays a significant role in creating new jobs. The cultural tourism is a special opportunity for the development of many regions, however badly organized and managed cultural events can pose a threat to a protected cultural heritage: the challenge is to find the best way of strengthening cultural infrastructure and increasing the attractiveness of regions and attention to preservation of cultural heritage, to find a proposition that will distinguish its products against the hundreds of other similar proposals. This Starategic Partnership, thanks to its international dimension brings an essential added value in development of methodology to enhance the cultural managers‘ key competences , especially : • language competences (mediation, intercultuaral understanding and development of all the four language skills) • digital competences (critical use of Internet and Social Media, including the use of vitual workgroups) • social competences (conceptual thinking, concrete organization, reliability, developing others, flexibility, freedom from prejudice, human awareness, handling stress, personal commitment, quality orientation, setting potential problem, self confidence, self direction, self management, sense of belonging, etc.) • sense of initiative and enterpreneurship. The participanting organizations will have the opportunity to compare the approaches to the cultural issues in each country , inspire each other , search to adapt new schemes to the local needs and capacity. In the frame of the project, the members of the partnership will analyse the needs for cultural events in their cities and local communities along with the possibilities of their realisation. The international dimension of this project will enable to look at the problem from the different cultural point of vue, develop a common methodology and resources as well as develop projects of cultural events for the future perspective. The issues that will be tackled during the project’s lifetime: • cultural sector in Europe in XXI century • cultural manager‘s competences for future (special stress on transversal competences) • music events in public space • possibilities of innovation in the sector of artistic events • network and aliances building • audience development • cultural tourism as a special opportunity for the development of many region • role of the cultural sector in creating new jobs • multi-dimensional effect of the organization of cultural events • validation of non-formal learning in the field of the cultural management The Partnership will produce two open educational resources: 1) The EnTraCT Toolbox for Cultural Managers collecting: • list of transversal competences essential for cultural managers and tips how to acquire them; • links to online free resources with comments in order to indicate new learning pathways, programmes, qualification standards or procedures to validate non-formal learning; • testimonials of project participants; • educational video materials from transnational training events 2) Research report - an analyse of needs and potential of each partner’s city and local communities including: • possibilities to improve the existing events; • needs and possibilities of organizing a new local or/and international cultural event (inluding cyclic event) taking account of the intercultural issues, sustainable development of the region and preservation of the European cultural heritage; • assessment of risks The training activities will aim to: • get a direct feedback about the open educational resources and enrich them • enhance and test the transversal competences of participants in practice • give the participants a chance to help in organizing different cultural events • give the participants a chance of immersion in the different cultures in order to gain a larger perspective The participants of the project will get the Europass Mobility documents to certify the acquired competences and will be invited to fill in the Europass Language Passport.
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