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The labor market is confronted with a growing problem of required transversal and enterprising competences which are insufficiently offered by education and training. This mismatch has a direct negative effect on the growth of sme’s. The shortage of trained transversal skills (both for low and high reducated), especially soft skills, is a general problem of education.Although the lack of key competences is recognized by employers, education and VET, an easy accessible, cost effective and efficient methodology to detect, define and solve shortages of key competences by training for individuals, teams and companies, is not at hand. Moreover, a generic cross-functional competence matrix in sme's, would foster better career planning, job rotation and fitting the right (wo)man at the right function through a minimum of extra training and optimization of a person's strenghts and talents.Our aim is to strengthen key competences for students, starters and employees via VET in order to realize an added value for the labor market by detecting and training employees in intrapreneurs (i.e. enterprising/innovative employees) or/and to open a new professional gate for (potential) entrepreneurs and helping HR-policy in sme's based on competences rather than diploma's.We want to develop an integral solution of key competences shortages by - Spotting individual strengths and weaknesses in key competences - Formulating training needs in key competences to the assessee- Train the individual/team in key competences- Providing competence advice on the workplace- Creating career opportunities based on competences rather than diploma's.The partnership holds- 3 VET centres Syntra West (BE), Ter Groene Poorte (BE) & Petroc (UK); training for future employees and self-employed- social enterprise agency Business Enterprise Support (UK) - educational company RPIC-ViC (CZ) in HR management- enterprise DAP-Services (CZ) specialized in research, development and advice on competence learning- companies TVH NV, ENTP BVBA and Entrio BVBA- Syntra Vlaanderen, gouvernement controlling and awarding body for enterprise trainingThe impact envisagedIn short term all partners have an enterprising skills tool kit to offer to employees, self-employed, employers and students to strenghten enterprising competences and create profesional career plan based on individual competences.In the long term more sme's are able to grow and employability of youngsters and adults is upgraded because of an upgraded staff.

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