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Enterprises for a sustainable urban development (SUSTAIN)
Start date: Apr 15, 2012, End date: Apr 14, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is in line and relies on the overall strategic goal of the Co-operation Programme, as well as that of the specific objectives of No. 1 and 2. The project fully in line with the intervention areas specified in the strategic document of the present program, as well (intervention 1.1. support of cross-border co-operation a)-c)).In line with the above objectives, as well as needs and conclusions presented in the project background, specific objectives of the project are to:- facilitate cross-border cooperation of entrepreneurs in the eligible area of the project;- provide entrepreneurs, especially small and medium size companies with modern business management knowledge, tools and techniques;- inspire and engage in conversations about sustainable cities / urban development with entrepreneurs, communities, organizations and people from the eligible areas of the program, - collect and disseminate knowledge in order to help entrepreneurs to be more up-to-date and competitive in the field of sustainability issues (especially sustainable urban development), - to inspire entrepreneurs, as well as politicians, NGO´s and citizens, to learn from each other and to collaborate with each other to transform the worlds less sustainable cities into the more sustainable cities of future;- to present global and regional trends shaping future cities and how relevant policies impact urban development and master planning;- Give an overview of green building standards, ratings tools and eco-initiatives and hear how these will impact the master plans;- Help to identify and generate investment, buniness and partnership opportunities,- seek for new ways of collaboration (e.g. local currency), as well as to investigate the possibility of the introduction of a local currency. Achievements: The main goal of the project SUSTAIN was to foster the cross-border co-operation of the enterprises, provide accessible devices, knowledge and know-how in managing modern enterprises and SMEs, and to initiate consultations and discussions about sustainable development. The specific objective was to facilitate the cross-border cooperation of entrepreneurs, provide entrepreneurs, especially small and medium sized enterprises, with modern business management knowledge, tools and techniques, to inspire and engage local citizens and decision makers in conversations about sustainable cities / urban development.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Hungary - Slovak Republic (HU-SK)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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