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Enterprise! Retea Europeana de Turism Educativ pentru Tineret
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

SUMMARY CONTEXT Europe goes through a period of socio-economic crisis which, particularly, affects young people. There are many students who abandon school and, in this way, they lose many job opportunities. They have no qualifications, no personal development skills, they are not aware of the opportunities they have, they do not own a European consciousness that allow them to study and get a job in any of the European countries. They do not know to actively get involved in the democratic life of the European countries, they have no idea about other cultures and civilizations, and they do not have entrepreneurial skills that allow them to start a small business to provide a decent standard of living. The Erasmus + Project objective is to sign strategic partnerships in the field of youth education & training. A network among EU countries is important for collaboration & fighting against cross issues related to education, unemployment, ignorance and social disengagement. OBJECTIVES The main goal of the project is to create a European Network for Educational Tourism among schools, youth associations, local communities, universities, enterprises, museums, travel agencies, hostels. This network will include all the required facilities, such as a good accommodation for the young people and they will also have as guides the teenagers from the country which they are visiting showing them representative places of a high interest for that country: universities, youth NGOs, museums, historic sites, religious and geographical areas, large companies that can offer them a job. The main objectives are: • Improving the quality of education in the partner schools through direct or indirect involvement of 200 students and 20 teachers from each school participating in project; • Developing key skills: social entrepreneurship, digital skills, foreign languages through weekly activities of the project; • Improving the relationship between education and labor market by providing a minimum of 10 potential employers for students from different schools from Europe; • Promoting the intercultural dialogue, solidarity, social inclusion by involving in the project of some students whit limited opportunities (minimum 20% of all participants; • Sharing knowledge and good practices at European level by multiplying the 500 educational travel guides and their free division and by creating at least 5 teaching aids; • The development of cooperation in education at European level by writing an optional course: Social Entrepreneurship throw tourism and its application to the curriculum in the participating countries. THE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS AND THEIR PROFILE The project will last 24 months and it will have participants from Romania (the coordinating country), Italy, Greece and Turkey. There will be weekly activities virtually communicated, and 4 mobility that involves the participation of 15 students and 3 teachers from all the partner countries and 1 final multiplier event. Thus, each of the partner countries will be the host of 54 participants for 5 days. At the end of the project, approximately 250 students and teachers will participate at international motilities in the 4 countries. DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITIES Being a strategic partnership, there will be many and diversified activities. Generally, they can be summarized as follows: - Information; - Communication; - Collaboration; - The use of IT resources; - Personal and linguistic development; - Interpersonal knowledge through common activities; - Workshops; - Visits to sites of interest in the project. THE METHODOLOGY USED IN THE PROJECT. The used methods are: • Increase and develop new skills through non formal Education; • Collaboration with companies; • Focus on cross matters related to youth policy, education and training; • Innovative practices through IT; • International & virtual mobility; • Exchange & share best practices; • Social Innovation. DESCRIPTION OF THE RESULTS. - At least 40 educational tourism operational objectives; - A perfectly usable site for young people to present tourist opportunities; - A Facebook account of the project; - A new optional courses: Touristic Entrepreneurship skills - Teaching aids; - A tourist guide for educational purposes - A film of the project. IMPACT The impact of the project will be both at the level of the participating organizations by involving a large number of direct beneficiaries, but also at the national and international level through the dissemination of the project results to a large number of young people from the 4 participating countries. LONG-TERM BENEFITS. Over the long term, the site can be used by any European young person who desires to travel in Europe for touristic aims, to discover new opportunities of studying or of getting a job. Teaching auxiliaries and the optional course can be used both by the partner schools, as well as by any other school, these being for fre
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