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ENTER your entrepreneurial spirit
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jan 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project '' ENTER your entrepreneurial '' will be held in Krakow, will last 18 months, the activities of volunteers in the host organizations will last 10 months. Five volunteers from Spain, France, Bulgaria and Italy, which will be hosted in two schools of Krakow - in Special school No. 11 and Primary School. EVS project “ Enter your entrepreneurial spirit” has 3 main goals:The first objective is to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship and self-initiative / activity of young people. We will achieve this by inspiring meetings with young entrepreneurs and social activists from Krakow. After those inspiring meetings we would like to motivate volunteers to realized open workshops for children and youth about entrepreneurship. They will use the tools and knowledge which they have gained. All activities will be supported by coordinators and students from Krakow.Our next goal is to help to prepare young people to enter the labor market. Volunteers through participation in the project will have the opportunity to work in an international environment. Intercultural skills, new languages, teamwork, conscientiousness, responsibility are just some of the features that will develop.The third of the main objectives is to work for pupils from host organisation, which will bring mutual benefits. Working with children and youth from marginalized groups often is a challenge for the volunteers, but it will develop in them an attitude of acceptance and tolerance towards vulnerable people or people with disabilities. Meeting with volunteers from culturally different countries will be another valuable experience for students and staff of host organisations. Two volunteers - Laura from Spain and a volunteer from Italy will be working in Special School No. 11. The school consists of a primary school and junior high school in which students of different levels of intellectual disability have classes and workshops focused on helping them in everyday life.Three volunteers Dilyana from Bulgaria, Thomas from France and Maria from Spain will work in the Primary School No. 24.Tthe role of volunteers will be support students and teachers in their activities, assistance in actions and projects carried out in the school.Volunteers participating in the project will learn how to build relationships with coworkers, to work in a team and independently, take on the initiative and responsibility for the realization of a particular action. With so shaped objectives and results of the project, volunteers will be able to be fully and consciously involved in the life of local communities, act as representatives and leaders embody their own initiative, to represent a region or organization on a wider arena.
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