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ENTER (to) entrepreneurship
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project ENTER (to) entrepreneurship answers to problems concerning changing labor market and unsufficient preparation to new situation by young people as well as lack of entrepreneurial education in formal system. Thanks to this project we need to change people’s attitude and thinking. Our aim is to teach entrepreneurial attitude and opening people’s mind for innovation and activity by showing them advantages in both professional and every day life. We want to create strategic plan of development, from entrepreneurship attitudes to whole business support. Our project stands out with innovative approach, which comes from combination of psychological and social factors as well as "hard" entrepreneurial and business skills as well as strategic thinking to gain sustainability of created business. Our aim isn’t only business education which we estimate as not fully efficient. After several years of practice we know that education only in professional business aspects like management skills, financial of company course did not lead to expected results. We can not build efficient business system without create at first right entrepreneurial approach. Project is addressed to young adults – 20-35 years age. We address the project to inhabitants who are in difficult position on the market egg. young people after schools, colleges or universities with no professional experience; are under the change of their professional career, in danger of unemployment to gain new skills and start counting on themselves; are keen to migrate to metropolis to develop professionally because of lack of perspective in their place of living and also to people who already started their own business. We can expect some participants outside this age group but for the aim of promoting and developing entrepreneurial attitude and skills for people who are enter to the market this group will be majority. Project activities will consist of: - Laboratory training courses and support, which are leading to create a Guide Book with innovative approach to entrepreneurship development. Laboratory will consists of 35 days of workshops in motivation, entrepreneurial attitudes, entrepreneurial or business skills areas and 10 days for mentoring. In each workshp will take part 10 participants - Laboratory result analyze for Guide Book preparation - 35 days of results analysis, aims and solutions formulation. - Transnational meeting - 3 meetings in each project partners countries, which are planned on each levels of project implementation to gain commonly prepared policy - Guide Book and improve management skills and problem solving on the field of entrepreneurship development. In each meeting will take part 30 particiapants. - Multiplier events - networking meetings and conferences for support and integration of entrepreneurship environment and experience and results exchange between partners. In each conference will take part about 100 participants with free acess after registration. Activities listed above will lead to create an Intellectual Output - Guide Book for Community Entrepreneurial Strategic Development. Project assume following products: Guide Book for Community Enterpreneurial Strategic Development, which will be a final result of two years project working on workshops laboratory, evaluation from them and transnational meetings with project partners; established laboratory for testing new teaching methods, which based on workshops from different areas of entrepreneurial learning and 3 transnational meetings in every participating country. As a results of project we expect increased a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, changed attitude among participants of laboratory workshops into more open, active, entrepreneurial, increased of self confidence, motivation, social skills among participants of laboratory as a result of opening themselves, increased level of entrepreneurial and business skills among laboratory participants, increased number of learning adult people with promoting profits from continuous learning and still to gain a new valuable skills, development of partners skills of management on the field of entrepreneurship development and promoting best practices on entrepreneurship education on local and European level. Methods used in project are appropriate to each activity - workshops, analyze, research, panel meetings and cenferences. All of that will lead to intellectual output and will help to achive project aims. As an impacts we expect to gained new skills which might help participants in finding better work or inspire them to open own company; expanded horizon of thought by involvement trainers; developed intercultural competences by project partners; show the project assumptions for not involvement citizens through network; possibly used a developed policy in next project and spread on new countries.
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