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Ensis Sustainable Collect (SHARE)
Start date: Feb 29, 2004, End date: Feb 27, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

To address a growing commercial demand, certain European countries, such as Ireland and the United Kingdom, have developed the gathering of razorshells, which are exported. However, this little-known type of fishing leads to environmental problems. SHARE foresees making an evaluation of the impact of razorshell fishing, in order to put in place activities for conservation, and to develop techniques of production of cultivation which respect the environment. Eventually, the objective of the project is to provide knowledge of this species and promote sustainable cultivation. Expected Results: ✔ An in-depth study on the environmental impacts of fishing for razor clams ✔ Setting in place techniques for developing the cultivation of razor clams relating to: - conditioning the reproducers - breeding larvae - management of breeding nurseries - intermediary culture (corresponding to the time the larvae are helped until they reach a sufficient size for survival) ✔ Dissemination of the project results through: - Development of an interactive website dedicated to the project,, with information about it and availability online of the technical datasheets used for breeding razor clams enhanced by the website of the project partners: - creation of a "Share" logo, used on all documents in the project and on the technical protocols and posters - 11 scientific papers: 8 papers about the project and 3 papers about technology transfer - participation in various events, resulting in 23 oral presentations or posters and participation in 4 workshops - 6 half-yearly meetings have been organised in turn in each of the partner countries. ✔ One patent has been registered and two other patents are pending ✔ 4 postgraduate students working on the project ✔ Opening of the razor clam market (type 1) in the European regions of France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands, and type 2 in the United Kingdom, Portugal and the Netherlands, outside Europe in Argentina. On the Asian market, Korea, China, Singapore and Hong Kong represent the biggest markets for razor clams ✔ Protocols and recommendations developed during the project: - Protocols on the most economical and least environmentally damaging harvesting methods, - Series of protocols on techniques for cultivating razor clams - Protocol for transporting live razor clams to the markets
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