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ENSA - European Network Sustainable Agriculture

The recently established European Network for Sustainable Agriculture (ENSA) that forms the project partnership aims to improve the range and quality of education and training provision for farmers and other employees in sustainable agriculture throughout Europe. The project aims to initiate network development via core activities and innovative initiatives in relation to a level 3 qualification, as yet missing at European level, and Personal Experience Portfolio, at levels 2 and 3, as part of a larger campaign to broaden comparable accreditation across Europe. Project activities will begin with the creation of the ENSA web site and a needs analysis of educational institutes for Organic Farming. Key developments will result in a level 3 curriculum (modular qualification structure, modules qualification criteria, tutors' handbook, Personal Experience Portfolio level 3) and a related set of initiatives in relation to accreditation (Personal Experience Portfolio level 2, accreditation support to educational institutes, accreditation database). The partnership aims to formalise partner commitment in the introduction of a new network, to exist as a non-profit association. Information on the network and on the project will be provided to the general public via a project brochure and through web-based marketing. Partnership members, associated farming associations, professional teaching bodies and potential VET users of the end project results will also be addressed via presentations at national and international conferences and through the hosting of a final project conference, namely, "Organic Farming Education in Europe" at which a final project report will be presented.
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