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Enrichir son parcours de formation et devenir plus autonome grâce à la mobilité européenne.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school is a state-run vocational school. Students can choose between catering (front and back of the house), secretarial and administrative, commerce and transport courses. The school is located in the North of France which is a rich cultural and historical area, frequently visited by tourists from adjacent regions for short stays. In order to meet the expectations of this international clientele, mainly British, the demand of a qualified workforce is in constant rise in the region. Therefore, the students who have both the professional skill and working knowledge of English are more likely to get a job in that context. Our project involves 8 students in their last year at school. Among them, three of them are training to be a chef and the other five are training to become waitresses. The participants were selected last June to participate in the European course. Although some could be considered as underachievers in general education, all of them are really eager to learn and improve since they are actively participating in the extra hours. The biweekly two hours of English provide them both English basics and cultural exposure, useful for their future mobilities. After graduation, some will carry on with their studies while some will join the labour force. The grants given by the European Program Erasmus + will give students the opportunity to participate in two four-week training programs in England. The period is voluntarily long to take the most benefits from it. The experience is invaluable to the students. So as to provide them with the best work experiences, the teachers have considered the details, such as the selection of workplaces. (those have to offer new technics or a higher standard from those in Douai) and the educational progress throughout the year. Another goal of the program is to teach them independence, so students can take initiatives themselves and be productive when they join work force. The activities and the learning process have been running for two years: - 1st year : cultural and basic English preparation, fund-raising and the mobility getting organized - 2nd year: professional level English preparation, the mobility, the assessments, the publications about the work experiences and the exams to get European additional qualification. To get the students more engaged in the program, they will research about different cultural activities in Dublin. Also the students will apply for internships by contacting hotels and restaurants, while the teachers will work on the administrative aspect of the applications. (training agreements, assessments sheets). Once in Ireland, they will ensure the safety of the students and that the program is followed accordingly. Back from Ireland, the teachers will help the students to pass their exams and obtain their diploma in catering. They also expect the students to hone new language and informal skills which will help them in their future job pursuit or their enrolment in further studies. Therefore, the mobility will be beneficial to them. Moreover, this project will have a positive impact on the school by attracting local media attention which could potentially increase our future enrolment. Finally, this program will motivate the organizing teachers to continue to strike for improvement. To conclude, the sponsorship and the personal involvement of each partner are important in determining the success of the program. The teachers keep motivated and make the school attractive. By providing the students with a practical experience, they equip their students with a competitive edge to excel in their future endeavor.

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