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Enrichir sa formation par un stage professionnel à l'étranger
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Lycée Saint Joseph is a combination of a senior high school, a technical school and an industrial vocational school. The trainings range from the 9th grade to the HND. We are actively taking part in the international field. In 2008, we opened a European branch for two main reasons. First, we were aware of the necessity to bring back together our students and the learning of foreign languages, especially English. Also, we felt the need to offer them a window on the world. Consequently, a group of teachers and the board of directors decided to enrol in a mobility approach. Since 2009, we successfully carried out several mobility projects. - 5 “Léonardo”, - 6 “hosting a Comenius assistant” two effective hosts, - 1 “Comenius multilateral” with one visit to study the project, - 1 “Comenius teacher mobility", - several trips to England and Ireland, - 2 partnerships with American high schools, - exchange of trainees (Sweden, Norway). We got more and more organised and structured : an international team of about 20 persons was formed, with a consistent assignment of tasks, according to each person’s skills and wishes. This sharing of tasks is visible on an organization chart. Also, we have created a working schedule based on our previous experiences and this programme constitutes our guide for the school year. Regarding our investment and the continually growth of our actions, our headmaster appointed a referent for the mobilities and granted 5 hours a week for this person. He also provided the team an office with a computer and a phone. Thanks to our experience, we know that we can trust the seriousness and the efficiency of our partners who are with us from the beginning of this adventure. However, we are constantly trying to improve our existing collaborations and we are always looking for new partners. The mobilities are intended for the first-year-students who joined the ‘European section’ of our school for the school years 2014 or 2015. The number is estimated at 63. These volunteers have 2 more hours a week in their timetable : one hour for an English class and one hour for the Non linguistic subject. Therefore they practise their English more intensively and they are more sensitive to the international opening. Most of the time, they are not familiar with trips abroad and often they are not very academic so they live up this experience as a real opportunity which leaves a long-term mark. As they are in a vocational school, they must undergo several periods of work placements. We thought it would be interesting for them to experience an immersion through a work placement in a company related to their studies. The 2nd year is the most appropriate moment, for they would have gained the professional autonomy necessary to work. Generally we organized this mobility on 5 weeks (3 in Norway), including a period of adaptation to their new environment. The participants will attend language lessons: about a dozen of initiation hours, either within our school, before the mobility (for the Norwegian and Swedish partnerships) or on site (for the other partners) so that our students get familiar with the technical English they will need during their work placement. We encourage them to open up to the host culture (visit museum, take part to different events such as Easter...). Then, they rapidly integrate the company which was attributed according to their professional field, curriculum vitae and cover letter. Then, they must fit in the working team, do the tasks expected by the tutor and the teacher. We aim at several objectives but the main ones are focused on our pupils. What we principally expect is : the upgrading of their professional path, a better motivation to learn other languages, their improvement in English, better marks at their English exam. On their baccalaureate diploma, they will get an added value thanks to the obtaining of the European distinction and the optional mobility unit. We noticed that most of the participants go on with their studies, find more easily a work placement or summer jobs in the short term, and in the medium term, we observed that they are better integrated in the working world. They allow themselves more varied ways. The school is identified as a go-ahead school in terms of international opening. Our commitments and results help keeping some of our labels such as ‘Lycée des Métiers” and “Qualycée”. Our recruitment is getting better: some pupils choose our school because of the European section and the opportunity to go abroad. Moreover, our links with the local companies are enriched, for each year they host Swedish and Norwegian students.
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