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Enriching Volunteer Services
Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Staff of ADP-Zid consist of 7 full time employees and 2-4 EVS volunteers that are working/assisting on different programmes. All of them are equal according to learning opportunity that are offered to them. Also they are all welcome to shere ideas and suggestion, comments and opinions that will improve quality of organization’s work. On the begining of engagement, EVS volunteers will be in position to learn a lot and pass task - oriented trainings that will help them to fullfill their future task. After that period volunteers will be involved in the work of organization as a assistents and supervisor will always be responsible for their further professional development and to organize their work. Related to EVS Charter and working values of ADP-Zid, EVS volunteers are never going to be in position to take overall responsibility of task results, even if host organization will promote responible aproche to the given task in sens to contribute to volunteers’ employability and building of professional competences. In different stage of the project volunteer will change their role what will depend of their will and interest. If EVS volunteers express desire to learn more and get more practical knowledge their role could change but also in that situation supervisor is responsible for results. Through programs on community development, ADP-Zid could offer to EVS volunteers involovment on different services that are establish in the organization. In this EI are presented all possible activities that ADP-Zid could offer to EVS volunteers, but each volunteers before his/her decision to come in our organization will receive concrete list of activities which is based on this one. Because of different needs of volunteers and host organization, and bigger structure of some services it’s not possible that EVS volunteers participate on every activities that are presented here what is the main reason why EVS coordinator is going to prepare concreat list of activities. Every EVS is splited in 3 phases: induction, orientation (preparation phase), full activity phase with personal project and final reflection on learning process (evaluation phase). PREPARATION PHASE (in all services) Induction • Welcome volunteers and introduce them with working and living environment, staff and specific working policies (if applicable) – 1st day; • Introduce volunteers with programmes and services of ADP-Zid and inform them about role of each employee in organization – 1st week; • Introduce them with Youth in Action Programme and EVS in sense to check their knowledge from predeparture training – 1st week; • Course of Montenegrin language – start from 2nd week intesivly – 6 month of Service; • Introduce volunteers with concept of non-formal education, Life long learning (LLL) and self-directed learning - 2nd and 3rd week; • Workshop about concept and value of volunteering - 2nd and 3rd week; • Training about intercultural learning and tips and tricks for Montenegrin culture -2nd and 3rd week; Notice: Each volunteer will pass the same induction process and it is not connected with specific task which he/she is going to do. Task oriented training will be different for different services. Methodology is prepared on way which will secure full participation of volunteers and it is combination of trainings and individual work supported through coaching. MOBILITY AND EDUCATIONAL SERVICE ADP-Zid is National resource centre for volunteering in Montenegro and we are doing capacity building of civil society organization (CSO) regarding the issue of establishing volunteer services, volunteer management and partnership building with public and private sector. Beside it we are active in Youth in Action programme and programme of European Youth Foundation, through which we are organizining different events such as training, seminars, conferences etc. We are also sending volunteers on EVS in some of EU country. Regarding to that, role of EVS volunteers is very important in sense to promote and help that all those activities be done; Preparation phase (5th weeks) Induction (1st – 3rd week) Explained above – same for each volunteer; Task orientation (3rd – 6th weeks) • Planing, preparing, realizing and evaluation of different events organized by ADP-Zid (logistic support); • Basic training about PR and public campaign; • Training about sustainable partnership building with public and private sector; • Training about social softwer; • Transfer of necessary documentation and literature; • Training about procedure of Youth in Action (Action 3.1), European Youth Foundation and International voluntary workcamps (Alliance); • Training about writting good quality CV and motivation letter; Full activity phase (2nd – 8th month of Service) • Promotion of Youth in Action Programme (EVS) and international voluntary work camps amoung students and citizens of Podgorica (info days, street campaigns etc.); • To provide assistence to young people from Podgorica tha
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