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Enriching the Learning Center Experience
Start date: Jan 1, 2013,

This EVS project aims to encourage youth voluntarism, to promote multiculturalism, and to foster social inclusion of disadvantaged groups in Kosovo. These goals will be implemented through education enrichment activities with children and youth. Five EVS volunteers from [Ireland, Poland, Finland, UK, Italy] will live and work in Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo for 10 months, assisting local education staff and volunteers with the Learning Centers Network program in 5 Kosovo towns. They will initiate new and sustainable youth-led non-formal learning activities in partnership with local communities. Modeling activism and working cooperatively with local youth, the volunteers will 1) provide educational and animation support in the Centers; 2) develop new activities in the Learning Centers contributing to curricula in science and environment, music, and art; 3) support learning facilitators and youth tutors to further develop these curricula; 4) build the confidence of young Kosovars to be active volunteers in their communities; and 5) through youth exchange, encourage the active European citizenship of young Kosovars, building new connections between young people from often isolated communities.Each EVS volunteer will focus on one of the above three fields. They will develop one activity each week, adapted for different age levels, and coordinated with the school curriculum. With local volunteers, they will prepare and deliver the activity with the Center children. They will sometimes travel to other Learning Centers to share different activities.In the second half of the project period, we will bring activities to schools, as schools often lack such interactive and child-centered activities. This will provide valuable content to schools, as well as improve cooperation between Learning Centers and schools, and give Learning Center minority staff the experience of delivering value to schools, so increasing pride and self-confidence.
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