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Enquiry based learning
Start date: 15 Aug 2016, End date: 14 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Enquiry based learning is a method for teaching different subjects in a way that promotes problem solving, creativity, innovation and motivation for the students. Curiosuty and the urge to explore are supported and established in the learning process. The School is a part of the national FYR (Collective subjects, Vocational and Relevance) which is a project designed to make all subjects relevant for vocational studies. To develop enquiry based learning at the same time as we develop the ideas of FYR is a natural process, as these subjects supplement each other, though being slightly different in approach. This will, hopefully, bring both projects to a new level. The world is in transition, and when considering what kind of skills that are important in the market, problem solving, creativity and innovation are essential. The methodology ehind the project promotes these qualities, at the same time as it advocates passion for learning. The students become more motivated as they become a central part of the learning process, and as a consequence of the ideas promoted by the methods develop equity. Rather than focusing on one particular field of study, we would like to incorporate several fields of study. Working together to increace learning is the main goal, and in a society where there is a massive pressure on achievement, this project will focus on the learning process, to decrease the pressure on the students. Achievements are results of good learning processes. The students become more connected to the learning process, and as a result of this, self-assessment, which is one of the focal points of the school, becomes natural. The project will provide the school with the tools to make us even more complementasy, and we have a desire to contribute on a national level as well as on an international level in the years to come.
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