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ENQuaFor - European Network for Qualification in Forestry

The ENQuaFor project will create a database on occupational education and training in the forestry sector, thus promoting the harmonisation of qualifications & training and promoting transnational mobility. Structural changes in forestry throughout Europe (technical innovation, ecological demands and outsourcing) are affecting competitiveness and working/training conditions within the industry. ENQuaFor will provide a forum for promoters, training providers and forest entrepreneurs to review existing practice in the field of training in European forestry.It will further establish a transnational network for the forestry contracting sector, able to function as a dissemination forum for information regarding vocational training, with primary target groups being SMEs, training institutions and individual employees. In order to provide a comprehensive overview of existing national and transnational practice, project results relating to different training measures will be collected and evaluated for potential adaptation within the different participating European countries/regions. This overview will be complemented in the presentation of examples of good practice able to serve as a reference to other users in the forestry-contracting field.ENQuaFor will bring together national forestry contracting associations, training institutions, European organisations involved in Social dialogue and training experts in forestry. The project partners will work towards the definition of criteria for the harmonization of training qualifications in Europe.Dissemination and valorisation of good practice related to the qualification of forestry employees will be made available via a web portal to be developed alongside the project.
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