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Enjoy the best in Latvia, Estonia and Russia (EBLER)
Start date: Nov 28, 2011, End date: Apr 29, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The overall objective of the project is to conduct joint activities to improve the competitiveness of the region by using its potential and showing its attraction to local and foreign tourists. Moreover, to create a long-lasting cooperation between tourism organizations of Latvia, Russia and Estonia. To achieve this objective, the following specific objectives are planned: to draft 2 thematic tourism routes that include not only specific tourist sites but also the necessary services, to popularize the routes during project duration in 9 international tourism fairs (in Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Lithuania, Germany and the Netherlands), to organize 3 seminars for entrepreneurs of the regions (and involve them in the drafting of the routes), and 3 seminars for professionals (tour operators) to popularize the new products. The implementation of the project will be ensured by the cooperation of the 3 partners – Latvia Camping Association, Estonia Caravan Club, and the partner from Russia. One partner from each of the target regions is involved in the project because every partner knows the charms of their regions best, as well as the places worth seeing and necessary service possibilities; these are the factors that are vital for the creation of a successful, coordinated, interesting and economic route. Every project partner will be responsible for the initial drafting of the route in his territory and organization of seminars and work groups. Cooperation of the partners will be used in work groups, seminar organization and joint marketing activities - a joint stand in international fairs. Long-term target groups of the project are the local people of the region, the entrepreneurs – tourist site and service providers, as well as the tourists that will use the offered routes to travel around the particular region. Planned Activities. Meetings of work groups will be organized in each of the country involved where the routes to be created will be discussed, information about the contents of the thematic routes will be summarized, the compatibility of the routes with the other routes will be coordinated so that the end route would logically go throughout all the target regions. Each of the partners will be responsible for organizing seminars for entrepreneurs of the particular country and tourism professionals. Testing of the created routes will be organized where both a work group and volunteers will be involved as well as a poll will be carried out to find out how satisfied the tourists are with the offered products. To popularize the project and the route, a website will be created in the internet. Booklets (route description and a map) will be issued in 5 languages and spread mainly in international fairs. Achievements: Outputs• 2 new tourism routes – relaxation for families with children and for enjoying the national cuisine – are developed through Estonia, Latvia and Russia (St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast) • 74 750 guidebooks in English, Estonian, Latvian, Russian, German and 40 250 copies of route maps produced and distributed • 204 tourism businesses promoted in guidebook • 12 international tourism fairs in Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Germany and the Netherlands attended with exposition • 2 seminars organised for local entrepreneurs in Latvia and Russia • 2 seminars organised for tourism professionals in Latvia and Estonia • 1 future cooperation agreement between Latvian Camping Association, Regional Sports Federation of Sport Tourism of Region of Leningrad and Estonian Caravan Club concluded • Project website created Results• Cooperation network between Estonian, Latvian and Russian tourism experts created and strengthened • Camping concept promoted in Estonia, Latvia and Russia • At least 600 000 people informed about 2 new tourism routes, recreation and camping possibilities in Programme territory in Estonia, Latvia and Russia via website, tourism fairs and printed materials • Business opportunities of 531 local small tourism entrepreneurs in Estonia, Latvia and Russia developed through increased number of visitors in region • 150 tourism professionals in Estonia, Latvia and Russia informed about new created tourism routes via seminars • Camping opportunities in three states continually promoted in tourism fairs in close cooperation in year 2014 and 2015 by Latvian Camping Association, Regional Sports Federation of Sport Tourism of Region of Leningrad and Estonian Caravan Club and project website maintained
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  • 2007 - 2013 Estonia-Latvia-Russia ENPI CBC
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