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Enhancing the Use of Cooperative Learning to Increase Development of Science studies

The framework of EUCLIDES proposal is the promotion and the enhancement of thedialogue between science and society - a good number of scientific studies concern thequality of life of the European citizens. The objective is from the one side to get aknowledge society where democracy is guaranteed, from the other side to set up areserve of professionals, which will be able to contribute to the knowledge-basedeconomic development. EUCLIDES foresees a series of applications that may supportpolicy makers to develop new educational strategies for the scientific subjects learning,such as: i) the characterisation of a ODL platform for the implementation and evaluationof a Learning Team Centred Model for teaching sciences; ii) the research of efficientenvironments for building up knowledge and communication exchange; iii) theevaluation of the efficacy of the science-learning methodology through the ProblemBased learning Model; iv) the setting up of on-line curricula, which are at the base ofPBL model, v) the study of the acquired technical-professional competencies and of theinterest degree by the students, as result of the experimentation phase. EUCLIDESaims1) to promote into the institutions and into the educational systems of the involvedcountries a new pedagogical approach to the study of sciences, which is based on thecollaborative method and on the Problem Based learning through the use of ICT.2) to implement training activities for teachers of scientific subjects, in order to enablethem to use the above mentioned methods3) to use the proposed methodology in those schools taking part to the project throughan experimentation phase of two e-curricula “Environmental Science: an approach tothe climate modification” and “natural science: trend analysis of natural resources”.4) to use e-learning systems as key- support to the pedagogical methodimplementation. This is particularly important for setting up a model of permanent transnationalcooperation in the educational field.EUCLIDES target groups are: teachers, trainers, and schools participating to theproject, which are the “engine” of the initiative. Besides, the students, and thoseeducational staff that can be involved in the project activities (for instance facilitators andtutors).
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