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Enhancing the Student Contribution to Bologna Implementation
Start date: Oct 1, 2008,

Between 2008 to 2010, decisive steps will be taken within the Bologna Process. As ESIB’s Bologna With Student Eyes research has shown, governments and institutions still have much work to do in order to create a genuine European Higher Education Area. Thus, governments will have to step up their efforts to implement the agreed action lines by the established deadline of 2010.In particular, ESIB is committed to working towards improving access by looking at funding of Higher Education and arrangements for students from non-traditional backgrounds as well as the overall attractiveness of the sector. Also, government commitments to action lines such as ECTS, the development and alignment of national qualifications frameworks, the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance and an increased focus on employability will require major efforts to be fully implemented by the 2010 deadline.With ESCBI, ESIB will research the effects of the Process on students, seeing if the implementation is a success. In 2009, a version of “Bologna With Student Eyes” will be produced, which will feed into the Louvain Ministerial Conference in April 2009. This document will research the impact of the Bologna Process between 2007 and 2009 from a students’ perspective. ESIB will be assisted by the Slovenian research centre CEPS to improve the methodology of data collection and enhance the accuracy of the findings of the publication. Before the Ministerial Conference, in April 2009, ESIB will host a European training event for national student representatives (of which a big part will attend the Ministerial summit), to discuss the results of the survey and the upcoming Ministerial Summit within the student population. Based on the Bologna With Student Eyes, training materials will be produced and used by the national unions of students organising the Bologna Information Days, a series of training events at the national level. This work will feed into the 2010 Ministerial summit, which ESIB has applied to co-host with Austria, Hungary and the European University Association. By bringing together East and West Europe, higher education institutions and students we will show the true nature of this process and push for a rekindling of the pillars of the Bologna Process – an action agenda towards 2020. In 2010, a special survey ‘Bologna at the Finish Line’ will be developed to research the difference between the situation in 1999 and currently – how has the Bologna Process been a driver for change in this period of time? – complemented with a survey on the students’ views of the future of the Bologna Process. Thus, ESCBI will empower the student participation in all areas of confluence between the Bologna Process and the EU Modernisation Agenda at a key junction in its development, thus ensuring a better implementation of the process through informed and considered engagement by its’ actors.

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