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Enhancing the quality attributes of processed honey and avoiding its crystallisation by the application of a non-thermal treatment process (TOPHONEY)
Start date: Jan 1, 2010, End date: Jun 30, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Crystallised honey is granular, opaque and highly viscous. Crystallisation is a natural phenomenon, and usually takes place within a few weeks after extracting the honey from the honeycomb: however most consumers prefer clear liquid honey. Crystallization arises due to the presence of glucose micro-crystals and air bubbles in the honey. Commercial honey processing currently uses pasteurisation equipment (often with a vacuum applied) to flash-heat the honey to dissolve the micro-crystals and remove air bubbles, and thus delay crystallisation to 12 months post-processing. However, pasteurisation heats the honey to around 80C, which degrades the heat sensitive components of honey: primarily the diastase and invertase enzymes, and also raises HMF content (a honey quality parameter, subject to international standard limits). To address the needs identified by project SME-AGs, the TOPHONEY project will develop a novel honey processing system, based on the use of high-power ultrasound, as non-thermal alternative, to delay the onset of crystallisation, whilst preserving the natural quality attributes of the unprocessed honey. SME-AG members plan to exploit these benefits to sell their honey at a premium price, and also overcome yield limitations of vacuum pasteurisation methods."
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