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Enhancing quality in innovative higher education about consumer awareness
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2019 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background of the project. Based on in-depth analysis of relevant documents and statistical data it was observed that European Union(EU) faces a major challenge in higher education and lack of innovative, interactive, stimulating and open education which develops both teachers and learners’ skills. On the other hand it can be observed, that EU priority is to increase the awareness of consumers with regards to their markets’ rights protection and there is lack of specialists on this topic.Objectives: The main objective of the project is to enhance the quality of innovative higher education on consumer awareness. It will be done through detailed objectives which include: creation and implementation of the innovation and interactive open educational module (MOOC), development of a model for academic innovative teaching and finally creation an open space of integration and exchange of good practice between Universities from EU. Indirect objective concern increase of European consumers market awareness.Participants: Consortium representatives from 8 Universities representing different models of consumer protections In Europe and different teaching styles: 16Bachelor students: 80Non-members of Consortium (during Multiplier Event - Universities’ authorities, employees, researchers, teachers, practitioners): 200Description of activities:Project involves the implementation of MOOC which include four issues:1.Consumer protection 2.Institutions which address consumers right protection 3.Legal rules concerning consumer rights protection on goods and services market 4.Legal rules concerning consumer rights protection on digital marketCourse materials will use online affordances (interactivity, communication, collaboration) as well as rich media (video and audio, mobile, online and offline) to engage students in their learning process. Intellectual Outputs(IO) produced by partners throughout the project, will provide an added value for European higher education: Book “Consumers protection standards in Europe”, Mobile Application, Collaborative Platform. Within IO the Consume-aware MOOC guide will produced in order for all interested universities to be able to implement one by themselves. The project incorporates 6 transnational meetings, 2 Intensive Programmes for students and teachers and 1 Multiplier Event.Methodology to be used in a project:In order to ensure the highest quality of project results, as well as effective time management and significant range of dissemination, there is a strong need of multinational cooperation in order to exchange good practice and experience gained on different cultural backgrounds. The most important methodology of managing such a huge international project, is to correctly divide tasks and decide on organizational structure:-Project Coordinator-Financial Manager-Steering Committee-Technical Committee-Dissemiantion and Communication ManagerDescription of results:At Consume-aware project, first of all a framework will be developed of common features for MOOCs to ensure goals achievement: learner-centered, openness to learners, digital openness, independent learning, media-supported interaction, recognition options, quality focus, spectrum of diversity.Then, during the project a Consume-aware MOOC will be designed and implemented. It will be done in a way which will provide that all unnecessary barriers to learning are removed, while aiming to provide students with a reasonable chance of success in an education and on a job market in the future. As a result it was agreed that MOOC will have following features: (1) free of charge, (2) free admittance (3) genuine open access– it will ensure the integrated mobility of students as they will participate in truly international course with international teachers and international class mates without changing their location. Consume-aware model of ready-to-implement MOOC on consumer protection, as well as guidelines on how to prepare effective MOOC in general. It will have a major significance for enhancing the quality of innovative higher education on European scale as all resources will be in open access with relevant know-how and good practice.Impact:MOOCwill provide high quality materials and a rich virtual learning environment to enable an independent learner to progress through self-study. Independent learning is essential to take students forward in their further academic or professional development in life.Moreover the project will:• promote digital skills as a key means for personal and professional growth in contemporary education for teachers and students• educate future specialists on the issue of consumers’ rights and protection (with focus on e-consumers)• enhance the integration, iinternationalization and development of networking and cooperation between the European Universities• promote good practice examples in lifelong learning in expanding Europe.• promote ICT as a powerful tools for teaching

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