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Enhancing Access through a focus on Equity
Start date: Oct 1, 2009,

The EquNet project aims at increasing access to Higher Education for all marginalized and non-traditional groups based on a principle of equity. It brings together a consortium of renowned research organizations and stakeholder organisations in the E&T sector to ensure a sound methodological base for its conclusions, and a wide audience amongst the European E&T community to ensure its impact.The network will seek to tackle barriers due to:- Educational background (issues mainly of recognition of non-formal and informal education, or non-traditional types of formal learning (access for home schoolers, distance learners)- Socioeconomic conditions (issues such as access for people with a job, family commitments, from various income groups, independent or dependent upon parents etc)- Structural problems in HE (issues such as curricula, governance structures, admissions standards, funding policies etc)It will analyze the degree and nature of these barriers for individuals from the following target groups:- ‘traditional’ students (i.e. 18-22s)- migrants- continuing learners (professionals building upon a degree)- adult learners (without a degree or changing profession)- ‘post-professionals’ i.e. those at the end of the LLL curveAlthough there is a substantial literature advancing theoretical arguments, often based on practical observations, the empirical evidence on issues of efficiency and equity in European Higher Education is meagre at best. (Analytical report accompanying the EC Communication: Efficiency and Equity in European E&T systems). Thus, in its first year the consortium will do research and analyze existing sources, including the definition of an indicator on equity in HE which will be used to analyse the sector in following years. The network will also identify best practices, formulate them as key messages to policy makers at yearly intervals, and aggressively promote them throughout the project, particularly through annual thematic conferences.
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