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Enhancement of cooperation between Komotini's and Kardjali's hospitals and medical staff for their best response in case of emergency issues focusing on car accidents (MEDICINET)
Start date: Jan 31, 2012, End date: Jan 30, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The central need which triggered this projects planning and development is the new road which will connect Komotini and Kardzhali. This road is a part of the Transeuropean network and more specifically part of Corridor 9 and is expected to operate in August 2011.The assumption is that any accident incurred on the international road between Komotini and Kardzhali will be carried out by their two hospitals. Currently, Komotini's and Kardzhali's hospitals do not have sufficient and specialized units to face emergency road accidents due to the lack of accidents that demand this kind of special services. This project scope is to meet this upcoming need by upgrading quality of life through cooperation and networking on health and social welfare issues The projects idea is a. to improve the existing and b. set up new emergency service capabilities of Komotini and Kardzhali hospitals in order to be able to encounter emergencies occurring in the new highway. At the same time the projects scope is to systemically upgrade all emergency services which are extremely crucial for people in the cross border area. So, hospitals of Komotini and Kardzhali developed a project in order to establish cooperation in health and social protection issues which will lead to a substantial upgrade of the quality of life through systemic upgrade of health (mainly emergency) services. Expected outputs include many tangible and visible results from which the most important are new modern equipment, new infrastructure, a cooperation memorandum and more generally multiple outputs which are accumulated to the general objective which is the upgrade of quality of life through enhancement of cooperation between Komotini's and Kardzali's hospitals and medical staff for the their best response in case of emergency issues focusing on car accidents. The whole project is based on territorial cooperation and aims to be the beginning of a wider network of all health units in the cross border area It must be mentioned that the projects actions will not be beneficial only for treatment of road accidents, but they will provide substantial upgrade to the current emergency health services provided by the two hospitals making thus, potential beneficiaries all the citizens and the tourists of the cross border area. The whole project exploits the opportunities of the territorial cooperation program in a sustainable way through actions that can and will be in effect longer than the programming period, thus upgrading quality of life as whole. Expected Results: The project is expected to contribute significantly to the upgrade of the quality of life ensuring cooperation and networking on Health and Social welfare issues. The whole project is structured to ensure advanced health services on emergency accidents management saving lives. The main reason for the project development was the new road which will connect Komotini and Kardzhali. However, the project aims to establish strong cooperation between the two hospitals in order to ensure full and modern emergency health services. More specifically, the most important outcomes are the following:- Decrease of road accidents due to strong publicity campaigns- Minimization of human losses through new advanced health services- Sensitization of the citizens regarding responsible driving - Creation of a basis of a future cooperation between all health units in cross border area - Upgrade of human capital (doctors, nurses, bearers) after training programs - Joint management of emergency accidents - Advanced health services both to the citizens and the tourists - Cohesion enhancement - Minimization of medical transportation and creation of a new health pole based on territorial cooperation - Creation of a exchange know how dynamic channel All the expected results have a strong innovative character given that they contribute to the upgrade of the quality of life through the enhancement of health services. Furthermore, all the results affect directly or indirectly to the achievement of result indicator pointed out from the Program.

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