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Enhancement of Biotechnology (Pharmaceutical Engineering) curriculum at Masters level in Russian universities.
Start date: Oct 15, 2010,

There is a severe shortage of personnel competent in the technological and managerial aspects of modern biotechnology in the pharmaceutical sector in the RF. This project addresses the issue by developing an internationally compatible and recognized Masters Programme in Pharmaceutical Engineering. A strong partnership combines three leading universities in the field of Biotechnology from the EU (Cranfield University, Dublin City University and the Prague Institute of Chemical Technology) with the Moscow Academy of Fine Chemical technology, The Kubanskii State Medical University , and Altaiskaya State Medical Academy. Stakeholder involvement in the project will be strong with partners from the regulatory bodies (Roszdravnadzor) and industrialists (Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organisations) involved. This will strengthen the University- Labour market relationship. Experienced IT support for internet conferences and long distance seminars will be provided by the European Quality Centre. Highly experienced management skills supplied by the staff of Cranfield University will ensure the effective deployment of resources and delivery of results.The developers of educational programmes in the biotechnology sector face three challenges: - technology processes are innovative and rapidly developing; - programmes need to meet the ESTC , EU Tuning and Third generation requirements; - the safety, quality and efficacy issues in the sector are subject to increasing regulation. The project systematically addresses each of these issues. Sustainability of the new Programme combining traditional science elements such as chemistry, biology and microbiology with the engineering and regulatory competences expected of modern Pharmaceutical engineers will be strengthened by its accreditation at government and industry level and by its adaption for vocational training. The outcome of this project will act as a model for the development of other innovative programs.

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