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Enhanced EU content in primary school curricula
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project’s main aim is to produce ready-to-use teaching materials for (future) teachers to permanently make use of them in relevant subjects in primary school. Project’s impact thus centrally targets current and future primary school teachers (university students of primary school education) but consequently also pupils as beneficiaries of the project’s outputs and activities. The implementation will aim to: (1) give (future) teachers competent EU-related ‘hard’ knowledge; (2) complement the existing curricula of relevant courses (Social Sciences, Natural Science, Environment, History, Geography, Homeland education and ethics) with EU-related content and innovative and interactive didactics; (3) prepare ready-to-use examples of teaching hours (TH) and knowledge examination sheets (KES) for each of the above courses; (4) test 18 TH and KES in practice; (5) improve TH and KES by pupils’ and teachers’ feedback and (6) to introduce EU-related contents to university programmes of Education studies.Objectives will be pursued through the following activities: research on the state of EU-related contents in relevant 6 subjects’ curricula; provision of concrete changes to the curricula with enhanced EU contents and improved didactical methods; conduct of a seminar and two workshops for (future) teachers; preparation of model TH for above subjects and respective take-home exams (project/research work) based on innovative and interactive didactics; and evaluation of the project's effect on pupils and teachers to assure long-term sustainable impact. Project deliverables will be freely available online and additionally promoted through teacher-expert associations. As a follow-up, EU-enhanced curricula for 6 subjects will also be presented to the Ministry of Education and an academic article on the effects of EU-enhanced curricula will be published. Wider impact on civil society will be attained by take-home exams carried out by pupils at home and in local communities.
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