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English Profile Network
Start date: Nov 1, 2009,

The English Profile Network (EPN) is a pan-European network which encompasses different types of educational establishments (schools, universities, private language schools), an internationally renowned publisher and assessment body, plus several research centres and key education professionals. These various organisations hold a wealth of experience and knowledge of all aspects of language teaching and learning from the classroom to the exam situation to the workplace. As educators and developers of language learning materials and assessments, we are fully committed to the Council of Europe initiative to apply the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and the core purpose of our network is to further that initiative.The EPN will concentrate on two areas; firstly, partners will cooperate to develop a corpus of learner English from students across Europe and beyond. This will allow us to develop an innovative methodology for describing a language (English) which is empirical, meaning that it will be based on corpus research, and non-‘linguacentric’, meaning that it will not solely be concerned with English as it is spoken in the UK. This methodology will be transferable to other languages, and provide an exemplar of best practice in terms of how to create Reference Level Descriptors (RLDs) for any language. This will ensure a robust CEFR, which will both enhance multilingualism, thereby leading to increased intercultural dialogue across Europe, and contribute to mobility within the EU by giving employers a recognisable Europe-wide framework within which to assess an individual's linguistic competence. Secondly the EPN will also work together on awareness-raising activities for both the CEFR and the English Profile facet of it in terms of both methodology and results. This collaboration will be made possible via a range of network activities, including working group meetings, seminars, conferences and a members area on our web site.

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