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Start date: Dec 1, 2014, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project, e-VET offers a customised teaching strategies and the integration of English for Specific Purposes ( ESP) into the vocational departments as well in order to enhance the teachers and students' English proficiency level and ICT ( Information and Communications Technology) skills in accordance with the ever-increasing technology in education life. In addition to these aims, e-VET puts more emphasis and importance on exchange of good practices and experiences in cooperation with private and also puplic institutions ( VET schools, labor sectors) across Europe. The innovative ways of e-VET is to combine the existing teaching-learning styles with the new preferred learning ones. That's why we have a tendency for student-centered approaches in classroom activities- from the tradional teacher-centered teaching to self regulated learning. Being the parts of the ICT, e-module, mobile applications for mobile devices have given rise to change the way we teach the necessary knowledge to the students and hence we are planning to create a comprehensive cross-curricular framework covering e-module and multimedia applications so that the teachers' pedagogical and academical careers can develop up to a desired point by the majority. Whereas plenty of major projects and studies have been carried out by the researchers about ICT tools, ESP, and the preferable learning-teaching styles so far, there are almost any remarkable study in designing the teachers' teaching styles including ESP via multimedia tools and enough articles, books, scientific studies or useful web page to promote the four basic skills for teachers, either. So that e-VET project can be an additional resource or complementary for the previous ones, we just put in place this study on behalf of making the process more; sustainable applicable productive functional and so on. The phases of e-VET will be assessed by several evaluation criteria, ranges from PAP ( Performance Assessment Plan), AMR ( Activity Monitoring Reports), KPI ( Key Performance Indicator) and a series of surveys and questionnaries. Besides these, we offer you a professional control team monitoring all the activities on time and checking whether these are done on time or not, according to the timetable arranged by project participant institutions . On one hand, ICMT ( Internal Control Mechanism Team) will be in charge of checking activities, such as EXPO ( fair of materials), CA VET ( Cumulative Action), ONE OF US ( information trips, type of activity), COM ( Contact Meetings), on the other hand it composes of distinguished experts in their own fields. The other running mechanism of project is TWA ( The Walking Agents) who will be responsible for transferring the data and figures coming from ICMT into e-module and book. The system in e-VET runs smoothly like a gear wheel and each activity is linked to one another. The phase of dissemination includes a wide range of implemantations, which selection of logo, interactive seminars and multimedia tools play a vital role in reaching to target audiences. At the end of the e-VET project, all stakeholders, which refers to teachers, students,representatives of private sectors, principals, will be able to: * possess fundamental skills on the domain of ESP and teaching styles * apply general and occupational approaches in language teaching and in various situations. * coomunicate effectively with each other by means of multi-media tools in workplace and education world. * understand themselves in relation to others in a multicultural world. * evaluate and monitor quantitative and qualitative data without any help * integrate the competences in accordance to general english into occupational english * to understand the relationship or imbalanced situation between the private sector and VET * be embedded with necessary knowledge and skills * be keen on and enthusiastic creating national and international projects on behalf of his/her organization. * take an active role in various activities and be model for others who can't dare to join international activities. * reshape their teaching styles and update the existing methods and approaches, even make great contributions to the relevant studies of next generations * have a clear understanding of what has been done so far in this field within the framework of VT (vocational training). * identify the similarities and differences of vocational education system executed in industrialized and developing countries, such as Turkey, as well as the integration of vocational english into the process ongoing. * create and acquire a broad vision regarding to cutting-edge and possible job opportunities in the future. * improve the status of teachers and equip them with well-structured competences and enhance their senses of responsibility

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