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English for Specific Purposes: Therapeutic Professions

The project has planned to bridge the gap between the needs of therapeutic professionals whose increased mobility on the European labour market demands specific, work-oriented language skills and the lack of relevant educational tools in this field. In order to develop didactical concepts and enable their technical realization, a trans-national Virtual Language Campus in the field of teaching English to therapeutic professionals will be established. Its implementation in a broader curricular and institutional framework is envisaged. Curricular tools will be developed to provide quality learning opportunities to therapeutic professionals involved in formal education at higher and advanced vocational level, as well as those pursuing non-formal and informal educational paths. To ensure maximum accessibility, educational resources will be integrated into the e-learning platform which will comprise web-based course modules and an open resource centre. The web-based course will consist of the following components: 1. modules to develop general language proficiency in everyday therapeutic situations; 2. modules practice general academic language skills; 3. modules to acquire proficiency for distinct therapeutic professions (physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy); and, 4. modules for visually impaired massage therapists. An on-line open resource centre will establish the collaborative learning environment for learners in the wider European context. The services available within this virtual community will include free educational resources, reference materials, forums for exchange of learning/teaching experience and the e-newsletter to consolidate and further disseminate the project's outcomes.
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