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ENGLISH FOR DOCKWORKERS - Training Materials for Self-Learning in English in the Harbour Transport Sector

As the title suggests, English for Dockworkers will develop a programme of self-learning, training materials to support workers in the harbour industry in developing their English language skills.As the level of technology develops in this sector, so does the need for comprehension of technical English become not only necessary but essential.The materials to be developed will focus upon three professional groups in particular, namely Handler Chief, Tally Man (Goods Controller) and Foreman.The project will design a language programme, making use of new technologies, for a self-learning approach, which will further keep in mind any restrictions particular to these professional groups, i.e. inability to attend classes at normal times, lack of or weak linguistic levels (groups will be divided into both basic and intermediate levels).Contents of the language course will include: basic grammar concepts, greetings and social English expressions, indexing and main parts of ship, roles of ship staff and foreman duties, tools, accessories and stowage policies, stowage and goods handling and essential, general English vocabulary for dealing with oral communication situations in the port and offices. A virtual network, already in place, will allow workers in the field to fully access the developed English language course.

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