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English and methodology for English teachers
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This course provides relevant knowledge about new teaching methods and forms and creative approaches in English language teaching. It also uses a wide variety of communicative activities to develop language competence as well as providing practical and creative classroom ideas. The aim of the course is to learn teachers how to motivate students in learning English and help them to obtain good results and consequently develop their personality, key competences and raise their chances on the European labour market. The added value of the course is the significant opportunity to meet new teachers and get to know different educational systems and learning methods and exchange these knowledge and experience.The course enables teachers deeply penetrate the Great Britain culture and enlarges intercultural awareness.Teachers will be exposed to immediate contact with different culture, traditions, cultural heritage, language and various approaches to education therefore they will be able to understand and break down the prejudices and stereotypes and finally implement tolerance, frankness, communication and mutual understanding into the value system and subsequently transform these values to their students in the process of education. Of course, a space will be provided for evaluation of the course and feedback of the participants.The course will consist of theoretical and practical activities and provides:- new and practical teaching techniques, - a wide variety of communicative activities to develop students´ language competence, - using modern technology in teaching,- using authentic materials,- new approaches to vocabulary learning and using literature in the language classroom,- acquiring new ideas for motivating students to speak and express their ideas- increased awareness of how learning styles affect teaching- increased awareness of how cultural backgrounds can affect classroom dynamics- Increased knowledge of British culture, how to tolerate different cultures and how to eliminate prejudice,- created a network of teaching contacts within Europe due to information and skills exchange and also to be opened for further cooperation.The main aim of our participation in this project is, first of all, to emphasize the students´ motivation to learn English, to develop language competence, to motivate them to obtain better results and help them to be a successful member of society. This course also enlarges the teachers´ language competence and provides new perspective on English language teaching and strengthen their professionalism. At the same time teachers improve their competences in using new modern technologies and liven up their teaching methods and styles using interesting, creative and inspiring activities.The school management decided to send an English teacher for this course. The extended school management led short interviews and decided according to the results and personal interest of the individual applicants.The reason for choosing this teacher was not only her personal and professional enthusiasm to enhance the quality of education but also her effort to increase the students´ motivation in English language learning.Teachers´ selection was also influenced by the course dates. The time of summer school holidays restricted overall applicants´ interest. On the other hand our participant is also a teacher of civics and therefore she is the most competent person to transform and bring not only new approaches in teaching English but also values such as religious or culture tolerance, and cooperation into both teaching subjects and also to colleagues. Her intention is to enrich English lessons and make them more attractive, overcome the stereotype in English education and she wants students to face reality and not only made-up situations in the classroom.The methodology will be based on integration of theory and practice as well as sharing expertise and analyzing case studies. The following methods will be applied: - plenary, - discussions in pairs and small groups, - role plays, - interactive sessions, - workshops,- using interactive teaching aids, modern technologies and authentic materials.Participation of our teacher in this training course and in particular seminar activities makes English learning and teaching modern, efficient and moreover positively influences the work with students in our school.Gained benefit for our school and participants as well is the significant opportunity to meet new teachers from different schools from abroad and initiate a new cooperation in another Erasmus+ project in the near future.In the long term this course helps participant to be more flexible, to obtain "know-how" in her work with students and last but not least to get a new motivation for teaching and to pay more attention to individual approach in teaching different students. Our school´s expectation is also to increase its credibility and students´ interest to study there.
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