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Englischlernen am "Förderband"- Etablierung einer Lerntheke für den selbstorganisierten und reflektierten Fremdsprachenerwerb im Fach Englisch an einem heterogenen Berufskolleg
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Jun 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

„Choosing your lesson from the conveyor belt“ – implementation of an instrument for the self organized and reflected foreign language acquisition at a heterogeneous vocational college. Every student acquires an individual learning biography in the course of her / of his schooling. To be able to improve learning efficiency, students need to perceive their possible weaknesses and strengths. The English department would like to further the competence orientated teaching program of the Alice-Salomon Berufskolleg. Therefore, we plan to introduce individual support lessons called „ lessons from the conveyor belt“. In the German language “conveyor belt” is translated into “Förderband”. However, “Förderung” does not only have the meaning of transport or movement. “Förderung” has a connotative meaning of “support”. The English department will nominate five colleagues to establish the “support” or “conveyer belt” lessons, which are anchored in the timetable and are compulsory for all students in addition to the English lessons they normally have. The contents and materials on offer during the “conveyor belt” lessons alternate monthly and are announced beforehand to offer the students a wide variety of choice. After reflecting on her/his achievements and deficits as well as consulting with the English teacher the student is able to choose and pick material he would like to work on from the “conveyer belt” and documents her/his increase in learning in a learning diary. Especially in the English department a constant training of teachers is necessary in order to successfully improve the speaking ability as well as the reception skills among the diverse group of learners. To assure the quality of teaching English and thereby focusing on the special needs of our students we intend to implement an instrument for the self-organized and reflected foreign language acquisition at a heterogeneous vocational college. Following objectives shall be achieved: 1. Level: Personal objectives of the involved English teachers: - New teaching ideas - Authentic teaching materials - Improvement of English language skills - Exchange with teachers from other European countries - Increase of cultural knowledge as well as personal and teaching skills 2. Level: English Teaching staff: - Better means of exchange with professional English teachers (e.g.: exchange of actual, job-related authentic materials, advice) - Implementation of regular training modules (focus on: teaching skills, methods, individual needs, inclusion, advice for reducing the number of early school-leavers, job-related scenarios, dealing with students with special needs/learning difficulties because of health or mental problems, disabilities, difficult social background, problems caused by immigration or refugee) - Providing a computer-based pool of methods/materials - Developing cooperation with external partners (e.g. English teachers at German/European colleges, student exchange programme) - European cooperation in English teaching (e.g. assistant teachers, international school programmes) 3. Students - Current, authentic, realistic and job-related teaching materials shall initiate communication and rise the intrinsic motivation of students to speak English as a foreign language - Understanding different cultures (within Europe and world-wide) - English as a means of communication within the global professional world, which helps students to gain long-live flexibility, mobility and independence - Professionalism in terms of advice, support and guidance for students with special needs/learning difficulties - Less early school-leavers
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