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Englisch in allen Unterrichtsfächern
Start date: 24 Jul 2016, End date: 23 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The “Internatsschule für Schisportler Stams” (IFS Stams) is a boarding school for winter sport athletes. It is the aim of the institution to lead young talented sportsmen to both athletic and academic excellence. In order for this dual education to be internationally oriented, one of the academic foci targets the transmission and consolidation of foreign language skills (English, Spanish and French). Furthermore, it is a particular concern to encourage and promote the intercultural competence of all people involved (students, coaches, teachers, educational staff at the boarding facility), especially as a part of the students has an international background. The IFS Stams sees it as its educational mission to live and carry the common European idea of a peaceful transnational living-together of all countries. In this context it is one aim to promote the concept of mobility as key competence on the modern global labour market. The mobility programme Erasmus + will allow two of the school’s teachers to broaden and consolidate their knowledge and skills in both foreign language teacher and progressive intercultural teaching design.Goals:1. The dissemination of results and knowledge. The competences and skills of the entire pedagogical staff of our school should be internally consolidated, which will ultimately allow the educators, teachers and coaches to build an international net-work. As far as possible, work on existing projects should be intensified and expanded. 2. The academic performance of our students should be supported and improved by applying innovative teaching methods (new media in educational settings). Furthermore it should be ensured that students can be multilingually assisted at the boarding facility.3. By promoting both the international orientation and the cooperation with school partners from abroad, an understanding for international mobility should be fostered within the school community. It is a particular aim for our Praxis-Handelsschule (commercial school) to develop sustainable partnerships with training companies from other countries.4. The IFS Stams assigns great importance to continuous development. Due to this, special emphasis is put on the work of the SQA (development of school quality). For the upcoming development plan it will be one sub-goal to integrate language promotion priorities (both in the mother tongue and foreign languages) of the all-Austrian development plan for school quality. Interdisciplinary lessons in English have also been contemplated.The selected participants:Mag. Sabine Kluibenschädl: foreign language teacher (English, Spanish) in both school types (grammar school “AHS” and commercial school “HAS”, coordinator of the school’s SQA team. Mag. Christine Wiesmann-Raich: commercial subjects, head of the workgroup for business education and the school’s training company.Both are educators at the girls boarding institution.A primary milestone in the process of reaching the above mentioned goals is the training course in Ireland. It is intended to set a new impulse in different working groups (foreign languages, business education, practice-HAS) which should ultimately strengthen and promote the school’s international orientation. This means that besides keeping up existing partnerships abroad, new international contacts should be established. The workshops within the working groups will be led by the participants of the Erasmus+ project. The practical and logistic preparations of the training course abroad will be carried out by a travel agency which specializes in educational journeys for teachers and which is in touch with the partner organisations in the respective country. The travel agency and the participating teachers will be responsible for the organisation of the trip, accommodation abroad, insurance and security issues. By participating in the Erasmus+ program and attending educational courses abroad the participants hope to improve and refine their English language skills and its use in class. Furthermore, the skills and knowledge acquired through the experience in the teacher training courses and the cooperation with other teachers abroad will aid the participants to reach the goals of the project. This knowledge and the establishment of personal contacts with fellow educational staff will allow them to act as multipliers during the concrete implementation of the school’s goals. As far as the new standardised and competence based A-levels exam in the Austrian academic secondary schools (AHS) is concerned, intercultural competences and foreign language skills are one of the main emphases. An exchange with fellow teachers and specific methodical training courses (for instance the use of the new media, specific methods to teach conversational skills, ideas for a fruitful cooperation with the foreign language assistant at school) should guide the outcome of the project abroad towards this direction.
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