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Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our organisation faces numerous challenges from the inside and the outside, such as an changing educational system, changing demands due to developments , changes in the deaf culture, the need for young deaf people to be part of the Global Village. All in all, so much is changing, but it also opens a world of opportunities. In order to be prepared and fully equiped to make the most of the opportunities, we need to learn, to grow, and to develop our professional team. The aim is to become better at supporting the students in education, increasing their chance into education, labour-market in the future, and focusing on their personal development and well-being. This will be done through raising the capacity of our organisation and the competences of its staff. Objectives -To raise the quality of cooperation with external actors (such as parents, social workers, mental health workers, regular education etc.) -To raise the quality of the teaching activities intended for needs of each individual student -To develop a powerful organisation towards the needs of students in which is carried out guiding and educational services together to improve the ability of students to cope with the problems that they face off -To become an excellent learning organisation which provides space for learning, reflection and development for its staff -To build a European community of practice where good practice can be shared, developed together and strengthen knowledge of European partners for future international activities Participants educational background and experiences are vocational training and University level within specialised fields of teaching subjects. Counsellers and teachers needing a strengthened focus on integration of the def students into the "Hearing World" : They need tools to understand and support the students in standing up against social discourse, tools to create motivation and interfere even where negative self-beliefs have been overwhelming, as weel as ability to deal constructively with the network around the students in risk of dropping out education. The general plan is to raise the compentences of staff through professional after education courses and job shadowing.Their participation will be throughly prepared and followed-up linking the new compentences to the future practice.International meetings will be held to discuss the learning and take it further.Job shadowing offering a chance to observe good practices, found new inspiration on how to deal with similar challenges and partners will deepen both knowledge of each other as well as learning and sharing. All participants will have increased their knowledge of good practices from different European counties.Staff will be more confident and effective in supporting students.They will experience team-work and a learning environment in the school where challenges are dealt with through coaching/supervision.The organisation will have a well-developed plan for involvement in the educational practices.External actors (e.g.from the regular education ) will experience in ideas of how to support the students who have special needs in education. The potential longer term benefits of the projects are : -We will be able to adjust our training material, training programme in order to better prepare our students for their future educational lifes -We will be much better prepared to achıeve inclusion -We will supply individual language needs of students with use of combines language (Main Language,Sign Language,Foreign Language) -We will notice challenges earlier and be better prepared -We will reach a higher professional level -We will be stronger and better partners for our students
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