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Engelsiz ve Kaliteli Mesleki Eğitimi Geliştirme
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ABSTRACT Our project, titled Developing Burdenless and Quality Vocational Education, is a project of Zubeyde Hanım Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. Our way of team work that we will execute with our foreigner partners will provide quick transfer of information and experience. Moreover, being a participant of this project shall contribute a lot to innovative thinking of the students and teachers. Our project will consist of 4 different activities, 2 of which are for teachers and 2 for students. In our project, 16 teachers will act as participants and 3 teachers will be companions. A total of 30 students will participate in the project from 11th and 12th grades. 1st Activity: Investigation of Unified School Applications Hosting Institute: Modry Klic Disabled and Social Service School from the Czech Republic. At our schools where we prepare individuals for real life no matter what disabilities and disorders such as mental, hearing, visual, psychological, emotional, orthopaedic, language and speech they have and what their difference is, Unified Educational Applications are essential. Today, necessity of special education is an unarguable situation. The scope of Unified Educational Applications cover observation and investigation of infant, elementary, secondary, and high school level educational institutions in Europe. In addition, employment situations of disabled individuals after education is to be investigated. A total of 11 teachers will participate in this activity. 2nd Activity: For the field of Information Technologies Hosting Institute: Austria Higher Technical Federal Teaching Research Institute To offer our students an educational environment with the national and international standards, teachers and students need to keep abreast of all the developments. A two-week-long student activity covering ‘’Hardware Applications on Computer’’ is planned to meet this need. 10 students and 1 companion teacher shall participate in this activity. 3rd Activity: For the field of Food and Beverage Services We would like to improve the quality of our education in gastronomy to meet the international standards. For this purpose, our project includes activities for both teachers and students. a- Activities for teachers: Hosting Institute: Hungary Bernath Kalman Reformed Trade and Tourism Vocational School In the activity which is planned as two-week-long, teachers are to investigate the gastronomy education and especially educational environments, plans, syllabuses and the way these are applied. For workshop works, demonstrations will be made; the first week will cover techniques for using chocolate and the second week will be about techniques for cake decoration. 5 teachers will participate in this activity. b- Activities for Students: Hosting Institute: Higher Technical Teaching Research Institute of Hungary and First Private Hotel School of the Czech Republic. The students will be educated on gastronomy for two weeks. They will be educated in the first week on techniques for using chocolate and in the second week on marination techniques in accordance with the work plan determined as theoretical and practical. 10 students and 1 companion teacher will participate each week of this activity. In total, 20 students and 2 companion teachers will have participated. Thanks to our project, while our teachers will return having investigated vocational education in Europe, seen applications, personally had practical classes in workshop and gained lots of experience, our students will return having had practical vocational education in Europe and gained sophisticated experience. Our biggest goal is to gain theoretical and practical experience to improve the quality of vocational education at our school. Another significant purpose is to offer vocational education to disabled individuals at our school. The present project will enable teachers and students of our hosting institute partners and of our school to communicate and share rewarding experiences/knowledge with others. These groups need to gain experience in not only vocational issues, but also in fields such as social relations, learning team work and occupational rules in work places. Participant teachers and students of this project will have improved themselves and they will share their experiences with other individuals at our school. Our goal is to offer a better quality education in all branches. In addition, we think that our schools will acquire a new vision and excitement thanks to cultural exchange in scope of the project, quality of our education will improve, and our school will be recognized and ranked as one of the noticeable and highly preferred educational institutions in our region.
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