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Engelli Öğrencilerin Garsonluk Mesleğine Yönelik Hareketliliği
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project consists of 4 partners; one of them is our institutions, two of them are our local partners and the last one is the host partner. Participants of the project, in total 24 people, will be disabled people who have labor loss at least forty percent. 11 of those participants are hearing-impaired people and the remaining is mentally disabled. Since the participants of this project have lower hearing and mental performance, they are very distinct with respect to their peers. All of them are aged between 14 and 23. These participants are students, receiving vocational education in our institutions, whose ages are suitable for vocational education. Due to the lack of appropriate internship chances, they cannot receive practical education oriented for a profession. Students, who are receiving education according to national curriculum, need to be improved for their profession skills and to be a part of employment process. Our disabled participants who are employed will enhance their skills necessary for life and freedom. These are professional skills, social and community skills, language and communication skills, self-care skills. With this project, our disabled participants are planned to be improved in those areas. The dates of the project for all participants are between 25.04.2015 and 10.05.2015. There will be 8 handicapped people from our institutions for this project. 3 of them are hearing-impaired and 5 of them are mentally disabled. There will be 8 hearing-impaired students from our local partner, Gülen Gökyüzü for this project. There will be 10 mentally disabled students, who will receive education, from our other local partner, Bafra Applied Training School. We will accompany our participant with 14 people. These companions, who are determined with respect to individual learning characteristics, language sign, need of lip-reading translation and need of participants in applying teaching methods, will take part in activities including monitoring participants. The host institution is Tomingroep which is active in Holland, is composed of municipal government, give special education to disabled people and has safe work places. The host school is responsible for accommodation, food, cultural and technical trips and education related to waitering profession during placement of participants. The host school will improve our participants for waitering profession, provide internship in this area and so they will develop professional skills and attitude. After receiving education in Tomingroep, our participants will find a place in labor market suitable for them, so that they will be independent individuals. During placement activities, the host institution will provide more efficient education to our participants by language sign translators and guidance counselors. Furthermore, they will cooperate with our companions in order to improve the professional skills and attitudes of our disabled participants by using errorless teaching methods. After placement, the host institution will give a certificate to successful students and so they will certify the education. At the end of the project, success of students and the project will be reported so that it will be generalized. Outputs gained by our intuitions and participants from this project will be reported in order to be used in generalization process. Thus, disabled people and their families, special education institutions, firms which hire waitress and local people will be informed about successful project and the awareness will be raised in local community.
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