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Start date: Apr 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

According to research conducted by Disabilities Administration, people with disabilities constitute 12.29 per cent of Turkey's population. This rate of 9.70 per cent of those with chronic illness, to 2.58 per cent of the orthopaedic, visual, hearing, speech and language disabilities and mental makeup. The research reveal that the disability in childhood and youth is less common but increase in old age. Analysis of the disabled Show that some disableds have two or more than two problems. Accordingly, at 5.5 per cent of disability of vision, hearing disability at 3.2 per cent, 8.4 per cent speech disability and 6.6 per cent mental barriers. In 34 per cent of those with hearing impairment and speech impediment speech impediment at the same time, 27 per cent of those who has a mental disability at the same time. The illiteracy rate of persons with disabilities, illiteracy of the general population accounted for 3 times. 84.2 per cent of persons with disabilities at primary school level of education. Total population of 493 million and 80 million people with disabilities in the European Union is experiencing disabled people 16.22% of the total population. Opportunities given to Persons with disabilities in the European Union countries such as education, health, employment services, is quite a lot compared to us. the importance given to Disabled people is different than us in perspective. In our country, the situation is a handicap compared to European Union countries, our group involves four visually impaired participants will Show with their counterparts how talented they are, and try to change tha attitude of he society towards disableds. Companion and economic disabled members of our group of this project will contribute to a successful realization. Encouraging blood donation, pictures and music show, environmental clean-up, the elderly and patients work will create the main activities of this project. Group work, workshops, actuators games, discussion sessions, active games, activities, methods and techniques that we will use will be the main common non formal learning methods. "Even Disabled Serve to Society" project’s visit part will be held in the city of Aydin, activities will be held in Kusadasi Davutlar- Dilek Peninsula National Park. In this Project Turkish Group will be 2 leaders and 13 youngsters (4 of them are visually impaired) and Czech Group will be 2 leaders and 12 youngsters. In total 29 participants.
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