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Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school project commision has been come together at the begining of the academic year to consider and plan project strategies for the internationalisation of our institution and upgrade the quality and standarts to European levels in our school. These considerations have been made under the guidance of the EU 2020 objectives and Lisbon strategy. As a result of this, it was decided to carry out a project in vocational areas based on innovation. Training programs prepared with new technologies, new knowledge, originality, entrepreneurship and R&D work, and the appropriate partners determined according to the project objectives. The aims of our project are; developing innovational products and services by using new technology and knowledge, branding in manufactured products, doing innovational studies, obtaining the staff can be employed in Europe and in our country adopted to global economy and think innovationally, ensuring the employment of our participants, increasing the competitiveness of our country, contributing to the development of innovation between European countries and our country, changing the educational infrostructure of our institution according to the innovation, transfering new technology and knowledge, improving private sector’s interest to the innovation, learning about new cultures, making information-sharing, increasing productivity in education, increasing participants’ knowledge and skills, developments in professional quality and quantity, affording new training and project opportunities, improving the quality of education in our institutions and cooperation between agencies. Our participants are; 10 students from Jewellery Technology department and 2 teacher for staff training, 8 students from Food and Beverage Service Department and 2 teacher for staff training, 20 students from ICT department and 2 teacher for staff training, 6 students from Beauty and Hair Care Department and 2 teacher for staff training. Our participants are eager to carry out a project, willing to know new cultures, curious about new technology and knowledge. Our student participants are highly intelligent, their manual skills are advanced and they are hearing-impaired. Mobility activities will be done as follows; the participants from Beauty and Hair Care Department to Latvia, Profesionalas izglitibas kompetences centrs "Daugavpils tehnikums" institution between the dates 05. 02. 2017- 19. 02. 2017. The participants from Jewellery Technology department to Austria, ‘Berufsschule für Chemie, Grafik und gestaltende Berufe’ institution between the dates 12. 02. 2017- 26. 02. 2017. The participants from Food and Beverage Service Department to Czech Republic, ‘Prvni Soukroma Hotelova Skola’ institution between the dates 19. 02. 2017- 05. 03. 2017. The participants from ICT department to Hungary, ‘Szent György Média és Informatikai Szakközépiskola’ institution between the dates 26. 02. 2017- 12. 03. 2017. Preparatory activities will start by September 2016 and will end at January 31, 2017. Meetings, trainings, cultural and pedagogical preparations will be made between those dates. Dissemination activities will continue from September 2016 to the project is finished. Seminars, meetings and advertisings will be done in this process. The project will begin with briefings, cultural and pedagogical trainings will be done, preparation educations for the project and vocational educations will be done. Cathering, accommodation and training programs will be prepared. Passport operations and permissions will be obtained. After mobility, management monitoring trip and certification; training reports will be evaluated, participants will be trained again if neccessary and dissemination activities will be conducted. The predictable results of this project are; knowledge and technology transfer, accleration of innovation studies, transfer of new pedagogical tecniques in education, improvment in educational organizations, interactions through recognition of cultures, intrenationalization of our organization, including innovation to the curriculums, making innovation as a corporate culture, an increase of awareness and requesting new projects, increasing of employabilty domestically, increasing professional knowledge and skills, more socialization for our participants and emergence of innovational designs. In the long term, possible benefits of our project are; employment of our participants in Europe, being a part of European innovation network, increasing the resources allocated to innovation in our country, increasing of training personnel working about innovation, behaving more active used of new technology by private sector, completetion of the innovational transformation of our country and emergence of new brands and innovative products.
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