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Engaging students: STEM Clubs & Citizen Science
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The two participating schools have as the most important objectives of the curriculum the teaching of science and technology as well as foreign languages. While employment opportunities in Europe have been affected by economic conditions, the demand for qualified science and technology workers, with good language skills, remains high. Therefore, the participating schools aim to train students to become active citizens both in their community and at European level. Students need to develop the necessary skills to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them in the future. Several studies have highlighted an alarming decline of youth interest in science and technology. Despite the actions taken to reverse this trend, the signs of improvement are still modest. Unless more effective initiatives are taken, Europe's ability to innovate and research can be seriously affected. Therefore, the European Commission has developed a new way to implement the "know -how " and best practices leading to a radical change in the interest of young people in science and technology. The report " Rocard on Science education" suggests that this lack of interest of young people in science is due to the way they are taught in school . The need to improve science education has a crucial role in " Lisbon Strategy " and " Rocard Report. " Schools participating in this project have promoted and helped to improve education in science and technology through new forms of education, introducing inquiry in schools and the creation of networks of teachers involved should promote and encourage the learning of science and technology. For these reasons , the project has the following objectives : 1 - the learning of science and technology as a basis for the gateway to employment and social inclusion. These skills are increasingly important and the demand for skilled workers in Europe remains high. 2 - to increase each student achievements and progress in the way of their involvement in learning. 3 - to propose an informal, personalized and collaborative learning , increasing the availability of open educational resources that will be generated in the Vish platform. 4 - to improve generic skills of students, including digital and language competence. 5 - students will be offered with new and innovative approaches to learning, involving them directly influencing creativity , initiative, teamwork and responsibility for their own work . 6 - promoting cooperation between European countries to improve dialogue between cultures, increase employment opportunities and expand the range of job offers . 7 - promote the use of tools that allow recognition of competences acquired in non-formal learning involved in this project, as the use of Europass by participants . To achieve the objectives of the plan proposed activities is as follows: . - Use inquiry-based teaching to enhance interest in science and technology. . - exchange good practices implemented in each of the centers through virtual communication channels , networks , meetings and mobilities that improve language skills and digital . . - increase the use of ICT in schools through virtual learning for students and pedagogical support for teachers. During the two -year project expected results are: The mobility of students , which will provide the opportunity to improve language skills , knowledge of other European educational systems , communication skills , improving generic skills , implementation of new methods of learning , ICT skills, European dimension in schools , the ability of problem solving and critical thinking. etc . The most important result is the set of virtual tours conducted in Vish platform in English and Spanish . These resources will be available for use throughout the world since it is an open platform use. Also as part of the spread , courses for teachers will be made to publicize the results of the project and participate in conferences , seminars, training of trainers and conferences to ensure the dissemination of the results obtained.
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